What have you done to your CX-5 today?

Thanks again for all the info. I like your Avatar photo, I'm an avid mountain biker myself, I can imagine the biking in your neck of the woods is pretty fine. I'm headed to the Eastern Sierras in California for a week of riding once the snow melts off.
Received and installed these today in 5 minutes. $33 shipped on eBay. Only took two weeks from China.

They reflect the sunlight very well and are extremely shiny. Very happy with them.


Yep, they're about 16" long in front and 8" in the rear by about 3" wide. This leaves about 1/8" of uncovered surface on the inner and outer edges once installed. They're also very thin but not paper thin. That said, watch that you don't bend them and make ultra sure they're where you want them before you press down on the double sided tape.
A little too much bling for my taste. I'd like them better in a semi-gloss silver like the roof rack side rails or maybe flat black...
Guess I'm doing good. Had a couple commenting amongst themselves at the service dept about my car, then today a guy pulled up next to me rolled downt eh window and yellow "what kinda mazda is that? it's ****** sick!". Then at the gast station 5 mins later another guy walked up checked it out and asked if it was AWD (I'm debadged - the logo), then said wow, an AWD Mazda (as if I was lying)? It's how I know my ride is nice, not r.i.c.e. Kinda annoyed though because I had the roof shake addressed twice now and it's just as bad as before. When the parts for my mirror tsb come in I'm asking for a copy of the tsb procedure to see what I can do about it.
Brought my car back to the dealer today to fix my driver side mirror shake. They ended up replacing the whole assembly, no shakes at all on my drive home.

You`ve got the 2012 version ? My version (2014) no shakes or trembling from the mirrors at all !!
Five-CX your white looks much smoother than mine. My soul red has some pretty serious orange peel going on. Can you share if the paint on the white has a decent amount of orange peel? I'm not sure if the pics represent the paint well...

When you have a good look, you can see that I also have a litlle bit of a piece of orange-peel, but I`ve seen CX-5-er with much more orange-peel !!!!! Especially the light grey color, the black and the soul-red edition.......indeed you have...I`m glad that the bad painting is not very much on my car. So it`s a little bit of luck to have chosen the Crystal White color.............I will probably take more pictures with the camera on "detail"

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In my opinion, all factory painted cars have orange peel. You have to wet sand it and polish it, to be smooth.
Picked it up from having seat heaters installed. Had a toasty warm seat before I got out of the parking lot. Very pleased! (2thumbs)
Had a clear bra installed on the front bumper, with full hood and front fenders. The guy threw in headlight covering as well. 3M scotchguard, I had it installed at a small shop that does paint protection and tinting.
Vacuumed all the dirt and other stuff that has accumulated over the past couple weeks and tried to wipe down/clean the dash, doors, etc. The meguiar's "natural shine protectant" is garbage.

I also just ordered the door sill scuff plates because I know my girlfriend or her daughter (or possibly me, although the chance is much smaller) is going to scratch the hell out of one of them and I will be upset so its better just to avoid that altogether.
I am waiting for the NuFinish polymer coat to dry so I can finish my waxing. I too have noticed some orange peal in the paint but, need to look for it to see it. I don't think the red or white is worth an extra $300, especially with a standard quality paint job, but, I like my red very much. Ed
Only had the CX for a day, and first thing i did when I pulled into the garage is peel all the dealer decals off the back end. A 2' long website on the rear window and a smaller detailed one under the CX5 logo. Actually came off real easy, but wonder why they waste their time installing them.
Before we picked up our new ride, had the dealer do the 3M protection on the hood/frontend and install a remote start.
Next it's a good wax job.