What have you done to your CX-5 today?


'14 AWD GT w/Tech
Figured I'd try a thread where everyone can post up what they did for their ride today.

I gave her a nice hand wash and sealed her with some JetSeal 109.

Dodo Juice is on deck...
Nothing. She is my beautiful slave and she is here to serve me. Unlike a person I can just leave her parked and she is always ready and willing to transport us on another adventure. She never complains and doesn't even mind that she is filthy on the outside. The inside is clean and inviting and that's all that really matters.
^I like.

I'm too anal retentive in my old age to leave her dirty. Probably should get some OCD therapy.
^ Where did you order the moldings from?

I'm interested in a set but haven't found anyone that makes them other than Dawn.
Did a little something something to the grill today, which can be seen here:


I worked in Klasse AIO and applied first layer of Klasse SG on it about a month ago. Haven't been able to wash it since (even after multiple snow storms). Really wanted to wash it again today and apply the second layer of Klasse SG, but it deemed too cold and late for me without a garage. Oh well, at least it is properly protected with one layer of SG and 303 on all plastics.
Ceramic tint all around, even on windshield, no more sunshade in the summer to block out the heat.
Went to my dealer today and got Retractable Cargo Cover, Cargo Net and Cargo Rubber Liner at dealers cost ~$200.
Stopped by the dealer today and finally got a cargo cover. I've been watching on ebay for a good price, and one came up for $135, but the dealer also had a 20% off on accesories coupon on their website, so got it there for the same price and have it the same day.
I was going to wash it with those coin op DIY washes as the original forecast called for bright sunshine, but it ended up snowing the whole day with about 5-10cm out of nowhere grrrr
Took her to the Mazda dealer car wash and had fun driving it there too. Still no swirl marks.
Installed a pair of Infinity 6032si in the back, sounds much better now. They have less bass then the REF 6502xi, guess that's understandable given the speaker and the location, the fronts have more volume in the enclosure. Nice bass rise when both sets are dialed in.
Fill up the windshield washer and installed my birthday gift: "Weathertech cargomat"
Next i will get the front floor mat, probably "Weathertech".

covered with snow blanket
Nothing yet today. I will drive it to coast later today. Weather sb clear and low 60's.

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