What did you pay for your CX-5?

I absolutely would have. I am a BIG believer in speaking with my dollars and I will NOT support a sketchy dealer.

I personally would not have walked over $285, especially if the 30% more from my trade would have covered the $285.
I still would have. BIG believer in not rewarding sketchy behavior. SURELY other dealers offering similar trades. If I didn't walk, I would have gotten that price dropped. Or my wife would have. She's ridiculously persuasive.
One salesman (after striking a deal) told me that, some customers walk in and just ask what the downpayment and monthly payment are .... and, sign the papers if they can afford those numbers.

Math education remains essential.
This happened to me at two Toyota dealerships and a Honda dealership.
The first Toyota dealership kept pushing for a lease and wouldn't stop talking about it. It's extremely funny when a salesperson says "Because of how popular EVs are getting you don't know how much this car is going to be worth in 5 years."
Second Toyota and the Honda dealerships would only talk in monthly payments until I insisted they tell me how much the total cost is. (with and without interest)

I have a friend who doesn't know how much she bought her Toyota for. She only knows she's paying 550 a month for 6 years. In Canada they can't add a market adjustment price, but they can definitely charge you a premium over stuff like paint protection, rustproofing, winter tires etc.

I wasn't pressured to get any extra stuff; the only "financing trick" they did was that I could finance over 4 years instead of 3 and pay the same amount in interest. This was after I agreed to get the car, and it worked in my favour.

This program is a bit too dramatic for my taste, but still makes some good points. The one salesman that gives good advice works at Mazda.
I'd rather dealers say "we're charging you $3,000 for a bunch of near worthless crap because we can", rather than piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining. The thing is, whole most aren't thrilled about the BS add-ons, they're talked in to them.

100% True exchange yesterday, copy and paste from my email. when I got an email from a dealer. They must be used to talking to a bunch of goobers. Again, don't talk to me like I'm an idiot. Kind of long, but entertaining and informative of their line-o-crap. Just tell me it's a tight market and you want to make as much as possible. Some of the responses below must have come straight from a morning sales meeting

"This is your new point of contact Antione over at Horne Mazda Avondale reaching out to let you know that we have some awesome deals going on for our New Cx-5s."

I stopped in a few weeks ago and spoke to someone who told me that it is not possible to buy one of your cars without the $3,000 dealer package. I understand your position, but unfortunately that's a deal breaker for me.

I just want to make sure I am on the same page are you talking about the accessories that are on all vehicles?

Yes. I'm referring to everything that is not on the factory Monroney sticker.

Oh ok, so the accessories are already on the vehicle and are non negotiable and we don't want to lose your business over accessories when you are shopping the vehicle so i'd like to discuss some alternatives that we may be able to take to offset some of the cost of the accessories how does that sound?

I understand, but I also understand that the owner will not sell a car without it, even on vehicles that have not yet arrived here he requires the package. Again, in today's market I understand your position.

The accessories are required to keep the vehicles protected from the harsh weather and theft before they go to their new owners but we may be able to offset the cost of the accessories by discounting the vehicle a little for you so it would essentially be a workaround since accessories can't be removed plus you still get the benefits from having them.

(he may be able to discount the car so that I'm essentially getting the benefits of that wonderful package without paying fill price?) hahahahha

Unfortunately that's not going to work out for me, I realize that nobody charges only msrp. I realize the times are different now, but like I mentioned before I don't pay over monroney sticker. Thank you again for your time.

one of the good things about Mazda is that we don't charge over msrp, we do have accessories on all vehicle which protects them and ensures customers don't receive damaged vehicles especially with the harsh desert weather and all the test drives.

I stopped at that time. Here's that $3,200 package, directly from Horne Mazda's website

*Dealer installed items include but may exceed the following: Smart shield Paint and interior protection of $899, Window Tint of $799, Vehicle Theft Registration of $299, Dent and ding protection of $299, and 3 years of Prepaid Maintenance of $895.
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It really is amazing how things change. In '20 I bought a new Nissan Frontier for $26,500 from a local dealer. MSRP was $32,250 with zero add on's. I had no issues buying the truck for the exact price listed on the web site. Fast forward to 2022 and I was there with my nephew who was looking to buy a new truck. We drove one of the 22 Frontiers they had on the lot. They did show a slight discount from MSRP, but all trucks had add on packages like described above. At least some were usefull such as a spray in bedliner and all-weather mats.
My local Mazda/VW dealer was recently acquired by a group with several other franchises. My brother was looking at RAV4 so I perused the new owners Toyota website. All their RAV4 stock lists additional dealer markup of $2k & $4k on hybrids.

So far their Mazda website list CX-5 at MSRP. I've bought several vehicles (Mazda & VW) from the previous owners who were always very good to deal with. I'm hoping the ADM on the Toyotas is not a sign of things to come at their Mazda/VW franchise.
Paid sticker with no addtional dealer installed items for a 2022 CX5 Signature. Went to two other dealers and they were trying to charge 10% and 5% market adjustments so we walked away from them. The third dealer was good.

Funny that the original dealer who was charging the 10% called/texted and emailed repeatedly the following days saying they can reduce the markup. By that time we found a dealer that wasn't playing those games.
Well I joined the club today. Never owned anything but GM until now. I'm very used to the ordering process with GM. It took me 19 months to get my 2021 Corvette!!
MSRP, Soul red, Premium Plus from Napleton Mazda in Aurora IL. Had to order it to get MSRP. I'm not used to having a VIN already. With GM I only had the VIN a couple of weeks before delivery. It will be joining the C8, and a 1992 Z28 that is under restoration.
Hey how does the ordering process work?
Most of my vehicles were bought before I NEEDED the truck/car, etc.

Unlike most, including relative and friends who get hung up on colors, features, etc. I always walked.

The dealer always called me over the course of the following weeks offering better deals below MSRP.

The only time I overpaid was in the current market in which I Needed the vehicle soon. One example of the nonsense was they were tacking on laser theft etching for an extra $2000-$3000 because it would help the police find my stolen vehicle and recover the parts. I responded that does me no good and that's what car insurance is for...they said the parts were already etched but they could discount the package slightly and throw in some mats.
It was only like 10 parts they etched. And it's not even a high crime area, auto theft area. Even if lived in Chop shop, California the etching is useless.
I ended up overpaying for a used cpo instead. But things will change soon enough.

The market appears to be loosening up as used car inventory is increasing and prices dropping. New vehicle should drop soon.

You'll find out how tight the market really is by waiting for a few weeks for callbacks and seeing what deals roll in.
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Funny that the original dealer who was charging the 10% called/texted and emailed repeatedly the following days saying they can reduce the markup. By that time we found a dealer that wasn't playing those games.
I love to respond to those emails with a "You had the same chance as everyone else to give me your best price & now you're too late".
A big (if not the biggest) Mazda dealer in SF Bay Area sent me an email telling me that all Mazdas on their lots are priced at MSRP... come quickly.. :rolleyes: