Show us your CX-30


Hello, this is my first post on the forum. Great site BTW. Bought mine like 6 months ago after driving a Mazda6 and trading it in. This is a 2021 AWD Turbo Premium package and this car is the best. So fun to drive. Decided to buy this after driving my wife's CX-5 Signature and just loved the way it handled. I'd like to find some blacked out rear taillights. They also updated the infotainment which is more responsive.
Welcome and thanks for the kind words and feedback on the CX-30, @RBNichols...Interesting to note that you had a Mazda6 and have driven a CX-5 but for you, the CX-30 is best. Love the color choice and pics...Please do keep us updated on your CX-30 if possible and feel free to start your own thread. :)
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