Looking for 1996 Eunos Cosmo Trim Piece

Hey everyone, I have a 1996 Eunos Cosmo (I think I’m in the right spot to post). While on the trailer, the panel on the passenger side of the windshield snapped off in half. I don't know what this part is called or where to even look for a new one. I can't find any clues online and figured you guys would have an idea. I'd appreciate any help. :)


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Hi! I used to have a Eunos Cosmo…Those are the a-pillar covers. Sorry I don’t recall the technical name or model number. Have you tried searching Yahoo Auctions Japan and eBay?

Did a quick search and found this site that appears to have part diagrams…


You could buy these new from Mazda Japan back in the day but I’m not sure they make/stock them anymore and they’ll probably cost a fortune…The owner of TCP Magic (Taisuke Kawato) is a friend of mine and he took good care of my Cosmo…He might be able to help source parts…You can find him on social media…Hope that helps!
Hey Antoine! I really appreciate you very thought out reply. This will help immensely as I wouldn't have thought of any of this.