AC compressor not turning on

Has anyone else noticed that the CX5 actually has louvres guards protecting the AC Condenser? Here are some photos with the guards 'opened' up. I've noticed that mine has been open or stays open while driving. I haven't been using the AC or the Heat but I do note that this used to be closed or at least when I took it to the dealer, it was fully closed. I've checked during a cold start and after driving around for a bit, it's always open. I'd want to keep it closed to prevent any debris from damaging especially while driving.

Does anyone know why this is stuck open? or when does this close or how it is controlled?
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Its for air control, i.e controlling the air stream to the engine bay, radiators, etc. Lots of new cars have those.
Its controlled by the car electronics and its automatic based on a predefined criteria. You cant just close it on your own.
If you trade it in now on a something like a 2021 Carbon Edition Turbo, you will probably have something like $8-10K in equity to use as a down payment

I would probably wait till the oil consumption issue with the 2.5T is found. 2021 Turbos prior last month seem to be affected in a way but no root cause yet.