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What oil is that?

2019 CX9 GT AWD
During last visit to a dealership I asked for an oil change at 10k miles. I already had a synthetic oil and requested same this time.
The invoice reads:
Perform 6qt conventional oil and filter change:
performed 6qt oil and filter change

What is that "conventional oil" you think? Not synthetic?

I was under impression, that by default Mazda (this was Mazda authorized dealer) uses only synthetic oil in CX9 with turbo?
Oil type listed as MZD5W30BK does not really say it was synthetic/non-synthetic.

I want your opinion please before calling dealer. Maybe somebody has an old invoice where different oil type is mentioned?

In case they mistakenly put regular oil after synthetic - is that a big deal really?
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I would think that is their internal part#. If it says conventional on your invoice then definitely call and ask.


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The oil that the car is delivered with is not synthetic. In general, synthetic oil is recommended over conventional oil for turbocharged engines because synthetic tends to handle extreme temps better than conventional oil. But it is not a requirement for the CX-9. Most people just fill with synthetic because the cost difference is negligible.

That said, if you had requested synthetic, and they said they would put synthetic in it, I would definitely call them up and find out why they put conventional in, especially if you paid extra to get synthetic. The part number provided sounds like it is a bulk oil that is likely conventional. I would have no issue running a conventional oil - I would simply change the oil a little sooner than 5000 miles. For me, the problem is that they charged you for synthetic but put conventional oil in.
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Cat, don't want to seem to be picking on you, but did you read the work order when you signed it? If you signed for conventional oil, then you got what you signed for.

It is no problem switching types of oil. As sm1ke said, syn is not required for these turbochargers, so the only mistake the service department made was not listening to you. Bulk oil means that the dealership gets a tank truck of oil (or a 240 gallon tote or 55 gallon drum) from whichever distributor gave them the best price (or best whiskey) when the contract was signed.

From here...nothing wrong with using the oil in the car for the full distance recommended in your owner's manual. Then get whatever oil you like, and read the work order before they start the job.
2019 CX9 GT AWD
Thanks for the replies guys.
This was done over the phone and email, so no work order per se. Just my email asking for synthetic.

Anyway, based on your feedback it's not a big deal. I will however mention that discrepancy to a manager.