What have you done to your Miata today?


New Mod?

New Dent?

New Repair?

Let's keep a running log of how your Miata is doing on a daily basis...GO!
Wax, suspension detail, engine bay detail, dremeled and polished the aluminum upper front bumper mount on my '05 MSM.

Installed a Stebel Air horn on my fathers '01 Miata.
No joke! I WAS planning on driving it down to Macon today, but it's pouring down rain, and old azenis are scarey in any standing water lol. And there's a leak in the window seals, so she's staying under the cover until this weekend. Points 1 here we come!
spent all day trying to replace the soft top with an aftermarket one that didnt have holes cut into it...

only to find out after countless hours or wrangling it into place, that they sent me the wrong one, and it wont reach the windshield to latch, and wont lay down flat all the way either :(

soo.. tomorrow its coming out, and the hardtops going back on... and really unfortunate, its perfect convertible weather right now...
Antoine said:
So your miata is basically a "good weather only" car? :D
well, that and the fact that the old RT215 azenis are freakin scarey the second you hit just 1mm of standing water. They're actually VERY good on a wet track, just not if there's any puddles. I actually took the rear sway bar OFF yesterday (as opposed to just disconnected), and this morning after I get done working course setup, I'm planning on dropping it about 3/4" or so all the way around to settle down the body roll that comes from it being up so high. I'm hardly hitting bump stops right now (stupid 550# springs that I love so much lol), so it shouldn't hurt to drop it a bit more. Worst case, I don't like it and I bring it back up some.
1st 'real' autocross for her today. Had some tire-rubbing issues, but nothing that can't be fixed in about 30 minutes. I ended up 2nd in class (got beat by a girl in a well prepped CRX by .024 seconds). I'm really pleased by how the car felt, and I'm starting to learn how to drive a light, tail happy, tossable RWD car, and it's SO much fun! Hopefully someone got some pictures. My last (and best) run felt so good. The car's really neutral w/ a hint of oversteer on throttle which is about how I like it. All in all, an awesome day spent dodging cones (thumb)
Mine stayed in the garage all day. :(

But arriving by UPS Ground soon: blue NGK wires, fresh NGK plugs, Axxis metal master pads.
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Antoine said:
Sounds fun...Any chance you can post some pics of your baby in action?
if someone will ever post them on the solo boards.

I put her back under her cover last night after I drover her to and from work :)
I have yet to find the time to appy all my suspension goodies and new body parts on (working my fanny off.... getting ready for the birth of my son... moving to a new home).

So... for the time being, my miatar is a virtual "rat racer" daily driver.(rei)
I should be re-rolling my front passenger fender, and rolling the rest. Why re-rolling you may ask? My co-driver last weekend managed to slide the car over a cone that got caught between the tire and the fender, so instead of having a lip like this 'L' it's just like this '|' for about 3 inches at the top of the fender arch lol

Also ordered a few parts for the tranny I've got sitting in my storage closet....
Clutch Disc B630-16-460 *
Release Collar B622-16-510 *
Clutch Pilot Bearing F801-11-303 *
Pressure Plate B622-16-410 *
Shifter Dust Boot M514-17-475
Insulation F801-64-495
Top Dust Boot NA01-64-481A *

Hello State tax refund! (hi) Goodbye State tax refund (drive2). It's ok, I'll get to keep my federal refund! Oh wait...good seat sliders (using stockers right now), harness and a roll bar. s***. There went that one too (drive2) (rofl)
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Moving forward slow and steady. Relief cuts have been made in the mani. Now it's getting roughly port matched with the old exhaust mani gasket. There are area's of up to a 2mm overlap when overlaying the gasket. The oil return line is in. It is amazing how made for a turbo these cars are. The oil return on the block is a rubber plug that must be removed and the oil feed is a little plug too.
What manifold is that? It looks similar to the GReddy knock off that I have on the challenge car. There is/was lots of overlap on the mating surface.
Well, put in some NGK blue wires and NGK plugs in yesterday. Car runs smoother now. Those stock wires and plugs had gone baaaad.

Trying to get a used Greddy kit off miata.net but I think I was beaten to the punch.

Here's me pre- Azenis

I was going to do an autocross last weekend but Velocifero came in town and kept me up and boozin'. That's my excuse. I had too much work s*** to do anyway on Saturday. (burp)

Next logical step is a proper alignment and install the new brake pads, but I do want turbooooo.
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It is the greddy manifold. Lots and lots of casting overlap. Do you have the ETD manifold? It is a stainless greddy knock off.
I installed some door speakers and some new headrest speakers & put the extra MSP amp/sub setup in the trunk. Other than that...nothing.