Quick 'keyless' question


2014 CX-5 GT -Crystal Perfection
hey gang.
So wife and I both have our own 'key' and set our seats to desired positions. Wife just left and said she had to re-adjust the seat as it was still in my position. She said she used the request button on door to open and I'm wondering if we have to use the actual keyless unlock on fob in order for seats and possibly mirrors to go back to the fob's owner's positions? Or do we have to adjust our seats everytime we use car?
I would check but she's not back. Thanks in advance
None of the CX-5 models have seat memory. You will have adjust seat position every time driver changes.
I wish it had seat memory. The CX5 is our only car right now, and my wife is a foot shorter than me. I have to move all three mirrors, and the seat each time I get in to drive, which ends up being nearly twice a day as we carpool to work and home.

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