Problem with Brakes overheating


2003 protege 5
My 2003 Protege5 was sitting for most of a year with only occasional short drives to recharge the battery.
(I was planning on selling it and then COVID hit)
Since then the left front brake will heat up and smell and then a scraping noise.
It's vey hot, if you squirt water it will steam right off.
The calipers and pads were new (but sitting for a year) and the rotors are slightly pitted but shiny.
So, I replaced the calipers (and new slider pins) thinking they were sticking because of disuse, but they still heat up.
Then I replaced the front brake hoses and I'm still having the same problem.
The other front caliper is also hot, but not as much, and the back also get very warm but not steaming hot.
I jacked up the front when they were hot and the wheel turned freely and wasn't stuck.

Anyone have any other ideas? I know the master cylinder is the next possible culprit, but I don't want to just keep replacing parts until it goes away.

Could it be something with the ABS (The ABS light has been on for years when it was my everyday car, but no problems)

Any suggestions would be appreciated
I'm guessing that your slider pins need to be greased.

I use SIL-GLYDE it's awesome stuff. (it's silicone grease)


You may have seized or binding caliper pistons, you could check under the dust boots to see if they look rusty.

There is also brake pad springs that you may need to install if they aren't there.


The springs at the bottom of the picture help to back off the brake pads when you release the brakes, and the clips at the top of the picture, help the caliper slide with less friction and help prevent binding.

Make sure you grease all the spots that you're supposed to and make sure you use rubber grease. (like SIL-GLYDE)

You could even put a bit of rubber grease on the exposed part of the caliper pistons.

Our brakes are TYPE A.


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I'd find out why the ABS light is on. Second, how are the wheel bearings at all 4 corners? could they be on their way out from age and sitting? Finally, flush the brake fluid. I had a similar issue with the front wheels feeling hot to the touch after driving and after changing some brake components, flushing the fluid seemed to remedy that issue. Not sure if it was just old or what but new fluid was my fix. Also, follow PCBs advice with the silglyde it makes a difference in lifespan of the parts
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