ND MX-5 Jeff's 2016 ST GT Build

But you still have to plug the adapter in?
Yes, but it will always be plugged in. I can now leave my phone in my pocket, if I want to.

Psssh, if I make it to MATG I'll show you how to connect a phone to the stereo. :cool:
Haha, would love to see it. Hoping I can make it too.

If it were up to me, I would have replaced the HU with a wireless AA one. A very involved process for the ND with the infotainment system plus I would lose a lot of other functions. 😔

ND Infotainment Swap
Jeff, isn't there a way to add AA via a software update to the ND? I know I can get an update for my wife's 2018 3.
Do you mean for wireless Bruce? My 2016 didn't come with AA so I paid the dealer ~$350 to install the hardware and do the software update.

The MA1 dongle allows me to to run AA wireless.
@Reitrof I should inquire to see what the dealer is charging for it now. I had it installed back in 2020 so before sh*t hit the fan in regards to supply chain issues, inflation, etc.

To me it was worth it for the ability to use Waze for nav (have never been a big fan of Mazda's nav) and Spotify for music.
I finally got the windows tinted. Local shop uses the Terra Flex film and I opted for the nano carbon. I felt the ceramic was a waste of money as I drive/park with the top down 90% of the time. Went with 20% on the sides and rear and a 5% sunstrip on the windshield. The verdict is still out on the sunstrip as it sits right in my line of vision.

I have no sympathy for any of you.

last snowfall was 6" and was -20F without the windchill last Friday.
Let's see, sometime back in June, I installed the Thinkware U1000 front dash cam using the MX5things Thinkware specific harness.

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