2.5T Cracked Cylinder Head/Leaking Coolant Report to the NHTSA

2016 CX-9
The cracking cylinder head, leaking coolant, and various engine failures in 2.5T engines are problems that are being reported by owners of the 2016 model year and later. Some are getting their engines replaced both within and outside of their warranty expiration date. While others are not.

If you have experienced any of the engine failures noted on this forum, please report your issues to the NHTSA, as soon as possible. Even if you have had it repaired. This helps the agency with their investigation to affect favorable action, compensation, etc. for consumers.

For your convenience, here is a link that will guide you through the process: Report a Safety Problem | NHTSA

You can also go to nhtsa.gov, and click the "report a safety problem" box, in the top right corner, and follow the prompts.