What have you done to your Mazda6 today?

for my 2017 Mazda 6 Touring, I bought an Apple Carplay retrofit kit (made from China) at Amazon. I went to Mazda dealership for updated OS system to firmware V.74 about 4 hours installed and updated firmware. Labor cost $250 + tax in Florida, USA.

My retrofit kit won't work with my registered Mazda GPS Nav card (expired). So, I switch Apple carplay to Google maps, Waze, Apple maps.


I hope these images show up. Should be three of them.
I pulled out the orange rear bumper reflectors and installed these LED smoked lights in their place.
The lights work with the signal and brake lights. (I was alone, so couldn't take a pic with the brake lights on).
I picked up the two light assemblies from Amazon. No instructions with them, but it's pretty self explanatory. They were about $15.00 Cdn. Cheap.
As for actually putting them in, it was a royal PITA. Someone suggested on line, when I googled it, that I would have to remove the rear bumper. I can actually understand why someone would say that. Getting the reflectors out was a major undertaking. For some reason, besides the fact that they have clips, Mazda decided to add a screw as well, from behind of course. I had to go and buy a right angle screwdriver adapter to get it out. Even then, it was a difficult job to get in behind the bumper. There's not much room. I didn't bother putting the screws back in. The new lights popped in with no problem. They are secure. The other problem is that the wires that come attached to the lights are too short. They will not reach up into the back of the rear light assembly. From there, I had to figure out which wire was ground, and which wires were the brake lights and signal lights. I spent two days, off and on, getting these things in. Fortunately, I got the connections right the first time, and they work and look great.
You may also notice on the trunk that I replaced the number 6 with the previous generation number. The number that was on there was hard to read. I like the older one better.
I also removed the skyactive badge and added the GT letters.
Hope you like it.