What Color is Your P5?

What color is your Protege 5?

  • Classic Red

    Votes: 148 17.4%
  • Sunlight Silver

    Votes: 178 20.9%
  • Midnight Blue

    Votes: 120 14.1%
  • Laser Blue

    Votes: 89 10.5%
  • Black Mica

    Votes: 106 12.5%
  • Pure White

    Votes: 103 12.1%
  • Sunburst Yellow

    Votes: 106 12.5%

  • Total voters
2002 P5


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2002 Mazda Protege5 in BRIGHT ASS YELLOW
I call her Daytona... She is MOTHER FREAKING BRIGHT-ASS YELLOW (cheerbanana)(cabpatch)
silver, but I think the Fr Rt door and Lt R door were blue in a previous life. no accident info to speak of but it seems so, she's missing the lower rockers and fog lights. the lower grille is some fake one screwed in to place.
So after various threads pertaining to the p5s colors, I decided to make this poll to see what colors of the p5 are around on this forum. So vote for your color so we can see what color is the most plentiful and which is the most rare! (at least on mazdas247 that is!) Put the color that your p5 was originally please! Those who have an aftermarket paint job can post what it is after polling!
My favorite is sunburst yellow, but still love my midnight blue.

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