Mazda MX-3 All Motor Build

Starting the wiring harness this week as well. Lots of un-used sensors to get rid of and hopefully get it looking a bit more clean in the engine bay. Updates on that when it's done.


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The wiring harness was my biggest obstacle, should be simple as your not marrying two different makes. Everything looks great so far, continue the good work.
The harness was just going to be a clean up at first as im no electrical expert (new loom, remove vris sensors etc...) but once you get all the loom off and really take a look at it all it really isnt that hard to design a harness the way you want it. Ive made good progress on it so far by removing every sensor / connector thats not needed and just ran some rope through the engine bay to plan out the new layout. Ill post pictures as i go.
Sorry not much news on the motor as of yet but I am making some good progress on the engine harness project. I deleted a ton of un-used connectors / sensors at the ECU pins which really made the harness a lot easier to work with as now I am down to only 14 connectors off the ECU. I had planned on splicing the harness into a bulkhead connector into the firewall but after a bit of research it turned out to be a lot more costly to do this than expected and with only 14 connectors now I scraped that idea. Picked up some loom called ''Performatherm'' at a local parts store and it looks like it should make a pretty good harness material. I will use some Raychem DR-25 off the main harness where the connectors branch off. Not a crazy milspec harness or anything like that but its coming along and should look much nicer in the bay.



Finally got the harness all finished up, its nothing special but is a huge improvement over the stock harness I think. Has a much cleaner route through the engine bay and is completely heat resistant. Just have to add a few connectors and tape the seams in the harness up and its all ready to go. I am really happy with how it turned out and was a great leaning experience.



Havent posted on the forums for a while as i found some facebook groups to post in. Heres an updated pic of the motor for the build though. Audi r8 coils and sequential firing currently in the works and a new mspro ultimate ecu.


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