Mazda Connect Firmware 74.00.230A (now .324A)

Hi, my car just started having problems where it would turn the music on and off . I was thinking maybe i just need to update? I of course tried the dealership but they wanted 200$ anyone have a update i can download North america 2018 mazda 3 touring. thanks
I Updated my 2018 CX-9 from 59.00.544 to 70.00.335 then to 74.00.230 NA (North America). Message me for link to firmware.


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Hi All
I just bought a 2018 CX5 platinim series and the car still has the 59.x FW software. Any chance anybody could share the link to the latest 74.x update. I can private measage if needed

Thanks everyone
I recently bought a 2018 CX-9 and need to update my infotainment firmware in prep for the carplay/android auto add-on. @ASH8 would you be able to share the latest firmware for North America? Your help would be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
74.00.324A 4A N (ADR) is now available.

That means ALL markets that use .up Firmware all use this latest versions in most of Mazda's worldwide markets...YOU MUST USE THE CORRECT REGION BELOW for your Mazda Model.

74.00.324A NA N for North America, USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.
74.00.324A EU N for Europe and UK, etc.
74.00.324A 4A N (ADR) for Australia, NZ, Middle East, Thailand, South Africa, Oceania, etc.
@ASH8, may i have the link for 74.00.324A 4A N (ADR)? Appreciate it.
2020 CX-5 GT AWD
I have the 74.00.324 NA installed, thanks to @ASH8 and I have a question. What would happen if I decide to install the EU version? Anybody tried to install a different region version? What are the differences?
Looking very forward to getting my parents 2016 Mazda CX-9 firmware updated and dialed in for Carplay. It's the one feature that Dad really wanted and so glad it's possible to get this done. Thanks to all for the info and help on this forum to make it happen.
I saw your messages regarding the firmaware update for mazda. I'd like to upgrade my Mazda 3, 2015 system. Currently I've got 51.00.351 for EU. Can someone send me the latest version for EU

Thanks in advance