Buying a Mazda RX-4, what to look for?

I'm new to the forum, but I hope someone will have and be willing to share their knowledge about Mazdas RX-4. I'm looking to buy one and I'm keen to find out what are potential problems I need to check specific to the Mazda RX-4, especially when it comes to a condition of the body. I found one for sale, which has ben reportedly rebuilt and repainted (with windows removed) approx two years ago.
Especially, what are the main rust spots to check on those cars? Some sources on the internet mention lower body panels, floors and window surrounds, which sounds like fairly common places for a car of that age.

The car in question is powered with a piston 1.8l engine. I'm much less concerned with mechanical problems as I'd imagine they should be failry easily to fix, or am I wrong? Are any mechanical parts difficult to source?
(I intend to eventually put a rotary 13B in, nevertheless, I'll have to use the piston engine for a while before I get to do it.)

Anything specific I should be checking when it comes to the interior? It has a cracked dashboard and comes with replacement part, but is there anything else that could worry me, assumming that the car is complete?

Thanks in advance
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Cool car and nice, if daunting, project. Can’t give you any specific help, but I’d caution that this will be an exceedingly difficult car to source interior, trim, instruments, body parts, etc. While it is definitely collectible, I’d be surprised if you were not underwater financially when done.

Good luck and post pictures.

- Mark


Welcome and thanks for joining us! :)

Love the RX-4, I'm no expert as well but I did have a Eunos Cosmo. If your intent is to have a Rotary-powered Mazda, I would try to find one with its original rotary engine. I would look for one that's already been restored and or from someone in an established Mazda club.

Generally with older cars like this, unless you're able and willing to do all/most of the work yourself, spend your time and money on the best example you can afford!

Hopefully more people can chime in here with advice and please do keep us updated with pics if possible, thanks!
Thanks and thank you for the replies. :) Yes, I'm fully aware of potential challenges with getting some spare parts, especially of interior equipment. That's why I'm looking to buy a complete car and without major problems with the body.
It's not my first classic car, although it would be my first Mazda classic :)
I'll definitely share the pictures when I finally get her!
For now it seems that the biggest problems woth RX-4s are corrosion and completeness of the car...and also finding someone who's willing to sell theirs ;)
If there are any owners of an RX-4 on this forum, I'd be very keen to hear their advice when it comes to buying one...:)
BTW - I love Eunos Cosmo and the three-rotor twin-turbo engine...if there was an LHD version I could have been looking to get one of those instead of an RX-4, lol!