2016~2023 2017 Does Apple Carplay Retrofit Remove the existing Mazda Navigation

Hi All,

Just bought my first CX9 a 2017 CX9 LTD (the full option) and as part of this the dealer agreed to retrofit Apple car play. Whilst doing this the dealer broke and had to replace the touchscreen display as well.

Just took delivery of the car and found the Apple Car Play works but it does not have the old Existing Mazda Navigation installed. It now says “Your Mazda is not equipped with a Navigation System however an integrated Nav system is available from your Mazda Dealer...”

1. When I install Apple Car Play should it remove the existing Nav? I don’t think this should be the case?
2. To reinstall the Nav will the Dealer have to find the old SD card from the old USB unit or do they just do a software update?
3. Would this be covered under their used car warranty?
4. Does Android Auto come as part of the Car ally retrofit or is this an additional upgrade?

Thanks in Advance
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I had my 2017 GT updated for car play and the Mazda Navigation is still functional. If it was the GT model and had navigation prior to upgrade, it should have been retained.

If you run navigation through car play (which is far superior) it wont display on the HUD - just the main screen. You can trick it however if you start your navigation on Mazda nav first, then switch to car play you will have both going. I don't do that, but thought it was interesting that you could.

Not sure about your other questions.
Good Luck

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