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1989 Mazda RX-7 Turbo
My 2003 MP5 is now at 183,xxx miles and still going strong, still on original the engine, manual trans & clutch. Purchased it new, used as my daily driver for many years and now it's used as a daily by by sons. Mechanically, it's been very reliable with regular maintenance (always DIY). The body though is another story - rust bubbles by the top of the windshield on the roof, passenger side strut tower, and corner of the hood.

Only other recent problem I had with this car is electrical - Sometimes it acts as if the battery is completely dead: No dash lights, won't crank and no starter solenoid clicking. Removing & re-seating the main relay & fuel pump relay in the engine bay fuse block will get it to start & run as if nothing was wrong. Contacts for both relays in the fuse block look a bit crispy & corroded though, so I'm thinking a new or better used fuse box will fix this one.


4-time Mazda owner
Mazda Protege
186k+2003 P5 and going strong. Engine is in great shape, but I did have to replace the trans with a used one last year because of a cracked case. And still looks great with zero rust. Im keeping this car indefinitely!

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2003 Mazda Protege5
Mine's currently at 174K miles. Check engine light came on last week. O2 sensor, fuel flow regulator, and a sensor. Oh and parking brake light stays on. I've got some work to do.


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The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
Dude... from the pictures i've seen you post you're not far away from that landmark lol

Yea... It won't pass safety anymore but I get it undercoated every year and I'm hoping for another 4-5 years out of it.
Fingers crossed.
is that a mazda 6 in the background

Looks like an RX8 to me.

IF it won't pass safety, how do you register it every year? Laws in CA must be different, varies state to state here, but most states you can't renew the tag on your car until you pass the yearly or bi-yearly inspection (though we have no inspections where I am, period).


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
It's a 2005 RX-8.
It's my neighbors, in his backyard... It's a rusted piece of crap.

As far as safety goes, here in Ontario, your car only has to pass a safety when you sell the car.

My T-stands punched through my frame rail where the trailing arms connect so I had a shop weld in a piece of metal to reinforce it.
When I picked up the car I asked him if the car would pass safety and he said no.
However, if the car was dangerous, I believe he has the legal responsibility to take the car off the road.

I remember a guy from work years ago, took his car into have his brakes looked at.
The mechanic said he doesn't care where he gets the work done but if he drives away with the car he's phoning the police.
I'm sitting at a little over 155,000 freedom miles right now, but the timing belt just went and while I'm in the midst of replacing it, I'm noticing the rot is much worse than I had feared. Wondering if it's even worth replacing at this point, although I absolutely love the car. I was kind of hoping the 2019 3s were out by now for me to take a gander. The new hatch is gorgeous, but I'm disappointed about the removal of the multilink from the rear end. Who knows, maybe I'll do a full blown restoration on my 5? lol
Me too !!!

I'm keeping mine till the rust takes it and it breaks in half !!
I've got to hand it to my friends north of the border, you certainly are a dedicated bunch! I wish I had half the ambition some of you had in order to keep these old clunkers running. It's a shame that rot so bad and easily.

Shamrock 1693

Mazda 323f Hatchback
Hi Im Brian and Ive a Mazda problem [emoji23]

My Mazda 323f is 19 years old this year and has just hit 79000 mile, I inherited it off my grandad after he passed away, it was that well looked after the folder you get from the show room had every tax disc every NCT disc and still has the 2 spare keys on the dealer key ring as well as every reciept from Mazda, so when I got the keys I found myself looking for Mazda 323f owner forums to get the heads up on potential problems that I can prevent or catch early.

My Mazda is a Special Sport Limited Edition what it stands for is beyond me all I can gather is 3 decals that say is the sport model, its Mica black which I think is the nicest colour when its polished, 14" steel wheels tho. It has minor fish eye bubbles on the rear spoiler was told its a problem with clear coat so thats to be addressed.


Everything it has needed its has been given so far on me driveway;

T.B and water pump was done at 70000mile.
Clutch replaced at
It has a strict oil and filters change interval every 6 months.

Me next little job is HT leads and spark plugs and a new battery before the bad weather comes in.

Im a sad sad man I know [emoji23].


Shamrock 1693

Mazda 323f Hatchback
Yeah its the irish model of the Protege5 I couldnt find any reason as to why its called a 323f 'f" for familia im sure. Yeah its a 19 year old 2000 car.

Have you guys and gals kept yours stock.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
That engine doesn't look familiar to me.
Is that a single cam 16 valve engine ?
Is it a 2.0 L ?

I've kept my car completely stock mostly because it would crumble in my hands if took parts off.
I only fix what breaks or rusts out. (I hate rust.)