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2002 MP5
You should start a build thread and we can try to help you as much as we can.

It might be difficult for us because of the differences between what you have and the North American model that most of us have.

I didn't know the 323 came with 14" wheels.
Do you have 4 stud wheels with rear drum brakes ?
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There was a 323 model in the US in the late 80s followed by the Protege sedan. We didnt get the estate version until the P5, and that only in 2002 and 2003 - and only in the sport version with the DOHC 2L with frame stiffening, lower profile tires and other sportier features than the Protege. I know because I had a both an 82 GLC (predecessor to the 323) and a 98 Protege sedan with the 1.5L. All great cars, but the P5 was a a lot more fun to drive. (So was the 72 RX2 I had back in the day!)
03 p5, 92 miata
really hoping itll see 250k soon. Likely never 300k since my commute is super short now and its not my only car :(

2002 Protege 5/ Manual transmission
'H' yes it will!
328K miles. Original engine, one clutch, one radiator (although a deer antler went through the radiator). I bought it new and was at the dealership when it came off the truck.
Unfortunately, my daughter shot it in the head. Thermostat failed last week. Car over heated and she just kept starting it back up after letting it cool for 5 minutes until she got to work. Blew the head gasket in the process but it still got her to safety (about 25miles)!!!

I'm having it trailored home this week (about 90 miles). I will rebuild her.

Finally got it back on the road! Much work and miscellaneous repairs. Luckily no rust! Photo now and when I picked it up from the boneyard a little over a year ago.

More plans in store for it! Arrival1.jpg littleroad.jpg


2003 Protege5
Got to to 248k on my 03 and the 3rd timing belt split yesterday. Gonna take it apart tonight. New assembly comes in tomorrow and I'll hopefully get it put back together in short order. Always seems to take longer than I set out to, and it's been a few years since I've done it. Wish me luck.
2003 Mazda protoge 5
'03 Mazda Protege 5, 188K+ original miles, still runs strong, albeit poor hot idle at the moment of which I'm trying to get to the bottom of with the Launch scanner as my assistance.

It's on either its second (not as likely) or third timing belt, replaced that this July when the tensioner spring sproinged and caught in the exhaust valve pulley and it was getting close for another belt change so went ahead and did that and replaced the tensioner spring. The hot idle issue reared its head.

But I had some symptoms prior to, shuddering while on the highway over the 4th of July and extremely random shut downs, coast to a stop to make a turn say, or stopping for a light, a very random shut down, throw into neutral and boom, running and not do that for months, then out of the blue, dies at a light kind of thing.

But, no abnormal smoke that I can see but it runs along at 188K miles with a very rough idle once hot. That is my goal today, to try and trace why it's running rich (fuel trims indicate that and I get a P0172 code which popped up yesterday for the first time).

A new MAF has been installed as of Friday and that cleared the MAF codes 102/103, but 102 was back, pending as of late yesterday.

Good cars when all is well so am confident that once it's all sorted again, it'll keep going for many more miles.
2002 Mazda Protege5
Just wanted to chime in and see who else has hit 200k? Hit that milestone a couple of weeks ago (got it at 96k). So excited. Still have dreams of maybe rebuilding the engine and turboing it as a side project one day.


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03 P5 / 23 CX-5
No rust and around 110k original owner since jan 2004...not dd for quite some time so tires and oil get changed based on age rather than miles. Still love driving it.
03 Mazda Protege5
We just broke 240,000 and still going strong. Just have to take care of it. His name is Charlie and he may be on the market soon for any MP5 fans out there!
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02 Protege LX, 03 P5 (x2), 09 Miata, 07 Mazda3, 13 Fit, 09 Ody
Oh snap 1/3 million miles. Bought in 2013 for $1900, had 155k on the clock.
Call out to Diagram Dude for helping diagnose lots of issues...


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