Window Rattle?

Kind of reminds me of when people complain about the thunderous sound in their car when only their back windows are open and they're driving fast.. It's all cars, and physics at work, so we need to accept some things in life.
A few weeks ago on a hot day, as I started driving I turned on the A/C and opened the back windows all the way to blow some of the hot air out. I soon heard a tremendous racket from the back. The cargo cover, which is like a horizontal pull-down window shade, was acting like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in that famous film of it bucking all over the place before it finally collapsed. I quickly learned: Don't do that!
I have the same problem on my 2013 November built cx-5. Only happens on the driver side window. Every time I close the door with window opened a little, it sounds like window is going to fall off or crack.
I looked at the TSB, it looks like a temporary fix, but I'll visit the dealer some time. I think this was a bad design to begin with.
This is a known issue and there is a TSB and fix from Mazda. Bring it in.
I had same issue on both side. Dealer stuffed something at small trangle plastic area next to your outside mirror and has not came back. The black plastis triangle where window narrows down at the front.
So that is where it's coming from! I though it might have been the side mirror- it was driving me nuts looking for a cause, but with all the other squeaks and rattles this car has, it was hard to pinpoint. The fix seems like a kludge- I will do it myself as opposed to spending the day at the dealership.
I have a 2015 CX-5 (03/2014 build) and both front windows make a creaking sound when opened any amount. The noise occurs when going small bumps and variations in the road. The only time I don't hear any noise is when the windows are either fully opened or closed. The TSB listed earlier in this thread does not apply, as Mazda implemented a part revision long before my vehicle was manufactured.

Anyone else with 2014-2015 experiencing this?
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Texas is either a window fully up or down state. The times I have had my window partially open I did not notice any creaking. I will listen for it and report back.
Both front windows on my 2016 CX5 GT have started rattling within the past few weeks. Any other newer model year owners experiencing this problem?
Mine too rattle when partly open. Should I advise my dealer?

My brother has a 2015 grand touring. His windows rattled terribly with them down about a half inch. He took it in and the dealer fixed them and has been good for the last 4 months.
I've opened up the CX-5 door panel many times in my sound deadening project. Its a simple no frills design in there and don't recall plastic moving parts to break (cough, cough BMW). It's my guess that the rattle people are hearing may be a misaligned track? When I first put the door back together the window rattled because the track wasn't put back right. Readjusting it to get that reassuring "snap into place" sound made the noise go away.

Actually the parts that do tend to break when removing the door panels are the plastic rivets. Luckily you can buy them bulk on Ebay or at the dealership. Evenso the panel still goes back on secured and with no noise.

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