What have you done to your Miata today?

@bazooka joe well, I have never used that for spot for the cup holder so I don't know what I am missing. Lol. I had the CravenSpeed Gemini Phone Mount before the car arrived. I just swapped out the old phone holder for the MagSafe holder. I am thinking about adding some velcro or double sided tape though. Everytime I pull the phone off the MagSafe charger falls out of the holder.
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Did this on the commute home last night.

Took her to a cars and coffee get together this morning. Larz Anderson auto museum.


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Finally found some time to get the rear dash cam installed over the weekend. I also moved the front dash cam from the windshield to the plastic cover over the windshield sensors on my GT trim. I saw where someone did this on a CX-5 or CX-30 I don't recall, but I liked the clean look.

I left the original dash cam mount attached to the windshield in case the camera was too heavy for the cover. After driving through some construction with very bumpy roads earlier, I feel confident that the camera won't pull the cover off. So tomorrow, I will hit the old mount and tape with my heat gun to remove it.

Changed out the headunit today. Old Kenwood DNX display was getting frosty and not Android Auto.

Replaced it with a Boss BV800ACP. Took a while to remove the old unit but the new unit went in with no issues.

Works well and I can finally see the display with the top down and in the sun
Actually yesterday, but drove to Deal's Gap and met up with the motley crew from this forum. Let the carnage commence!
Drove her home, 5 hours 40 minutes from leaving the cabin. Hope everyone else makes it home ok.

Was a great time with good people in a good setting. We should do it again some time.
Great time indeed! It was nice to finally meet you Mike and great to see Mark and Bruce again! As @chiefmg said it was great all around. Great roads to drive during the day and a wonderful cabin with wraparound porch and babbling brook in the background to wind down at night with good people.
Took her on a nice run to the Cape. Walked the canal and had a picnic lunch.


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