Tips before I try to update 2019 CX-5 Nav maps?

I had understood from earlier post here, that the Mazda dealer will update car's navigation maps for free until the 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty expired. Twice, (again today), I asked my dealer if he could do that. Both times he said they do NOT do that, the car's owner does it himself from the Mazda web site. So I'm stonewalled, at the dealer and our BtoB warranty expires this June 25th. I've never updated anything in our car's software. So in the next couple days I'll try to do that. Obviously I'll have to unplug our car's SD card, bring it inside and do it on this desktop computer. I think the info is in the owner's glovebox manual. Interestingly, when we bought the car new, the folks at the dealer implied that we ought to leave that sd card strictly alone. That tends to make a guy pretty nervous. So my question for this forum is: any danger to this process I need to watch for? Tips.
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It's fairly easy. First you have to setup an account at the Mazda website. I don't have the address handy. Should all be in the Nav manual.
Then just follow the directions.
Be advised - the update takes awhile and at time may seem like it's hung, just stick with it.

also - make sure the SD card is write-enabled. There's a little slider bar somewhere on the card.
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Another thing - don't believe everything the guys at the dealer tell you. Some of them know less about the vehicles then the people on this forum.
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Create an account and download Mazda Toolbox:

It will then walk you through the map update process.
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It's easy and straightforward. I did it on my 6 for the first three years that I was eligible for free upgrades.
Pulling the SD card will not harm the info system in any way.
I never had a problem updating it.
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Well, huh! I had bought one of the cheap eBay SD cards 2 1/2 years ago just after we got our '19. I've been meaning to update the maps ever since, but only just got around to it (prompted by this thread). When I ran the Mazda Toolbox app jus now and plugged in my card, it told me that "this card has been part of fraudulent activity and should be removed immediately" (or words to that effect).

So much for the theory that these cards are just old stock that have been sold off cheap :(
Thank you, everyone.
1. Are we talking about the main Mazda website/access?
Or, the.....MyMazda site? For map updates????????
I've spend 90 minutes struggling with MyMazda today. Finally got past passwords, only to hit a screen that was all black, (url line said something like mymazda/action), and nothing further. Just stayed black. Finding a real telephone contact number for any of this is no small chore either. In frustration, I gave up for the day. To finally hack my on, get Toolbox, then try to update maps when I'm this frustrated is a recipe for mistakes. Is there something wrong with Mazda's websites today too?


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Totally over thinking this. I work in IT Support I absolutely get the frustration over account creation and a bad website not loading... the ACTUAL process once you get that taken care of is childs play. Seriously. Deep breath. Get er done?! :D
Got it done. Took half of today. I think the slow download glitched periodically with internet connection. Anyway, it finished by saying take SD card back to car. That comes next