Tallest tire

Hey everyone I am tired of replacing my wife's tires every 30k miles. I'm running 205/45/16 Kumho Ecstas on there now, but I want higher mileage tires. If I go to a higher sidewall I can get tires that they family sedans which have a higher UTQG. Some of these tires will go +60k. I realize that handling will suffer, but I doubt she'll know. I only drive it on long drives so I'm not too worried about it.

If I go 205/55/16 the selection opens with more touring all season tires. But that is almost 1.2" taller than stock. Anyone go that tall?

Any help or suggestion on higher mileage tires preferably made in the US is appreciated also.
I wanted to reply to this for posterity.

The size definitely fits, 24.9" tall is possible. This particular tire is a Goodyear Comforttread which is pretty quiet and smooth, but the handling suffers considerably. I don't know if its the size of the tire or model to blame, but its worth it to me long term. Thanks Sask P5.