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MazdaSpeed Protege
hey everyone, ive posted on here before but havent been on in a long time to update my threads so i figured id just make a new one. im in the processs of putting my car back together now let me list the things i had before i did the rebuild

old setup -

2.0 built, wiseco 9:5:1 pistons, pauter rods , cometic headgasket, arp studs ,1000cc injectors, Perrin fuel rail, aeromotive FPR, walbro 255 , tial wastegate , gt3076r , 626 intake manifold, stock head, ect

that build lasted me a little over 70k miles then unfourtunatly i blew a headgasket due to a waterpump failure. i took the head off and realized since im aready here why not just refresh the block. i took everything apart and before i sent the head to the machine shop i orderd a full supertech valvetrain (1mm oversized valves , guides , springs retainers). when i sent the block out to get bored and decked i decided to go add "fire Rings" to the block. here are some pictures of what i have going in :

New Setup: wiseco 10:5:1 Pistons With No anti detonation rings , Fully Supertech done head , Schneider 272/272 cams , New GTX3582r , New tial Wastegate.

opinions welcome.


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This thing is going to fly. how much boost are you going to be running? Dyno numbers in the future?
Nice man.... The old set up sounded sick though i saw the oms vidz that spool sounds crazy from the gt30 wonder how the gtx35 is gonna sound

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