Cheap tuning?

I just finished building my engine last week, I've got K1 H-beam rods, Wiseco forged pistons, ARP head studs and a Cometic head gasket, so I want to turn up the boost. It's a FMIC. Right now it's running 8 lbs, I'd like to reach 15 lbs. Anyway I know nothing about tuning and I'm practically broke at this point (building a car and going to college don't go well together), whats the cheapest way to get my car running properly on 15 lbs of boost? Obviously I need to start with a 15 lb wastegate, but once the turbo is making 15 lbs, how do I get the computer to agree with that? I've tried to read into it but I don't speak tuning, so I'm stuck.
mazdaspeed protege5 2002
There is no way to tune the stock msp ecu, the only options are full standalone engine management, or a piggyback such as an ssafc, you'll also need larger injectors to reach 15psi, ive been running 10psi on stock motor and stock tune with only a relocated maf, t3 and front mount. Im building a short block with the same internals as yours, and then plan on the bigger injectors and ssafc, if you plan to go that high a fair warning is the stock trans isn't very strong, i blew my first one after 8k miles of being boosted, im working on the trans swap and motor from a donor car right now to get mine back on the road


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The words cheap and tuning dont mix.

Save some money and do it right.

Cutting corners will go zoom zoom boom!