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I need to sit in the thing and go through the Voice Command tutorial. I'm certain there's tons of stuff I'm missing.

Whenever I have purchased a new car (or really anything new), I go through the entire manual. After using the item for a while, I circle back and go through the manual again, always picking up new things I missed before that now have a context.

I have no idea how to wrap my head around all the stuff on this car. These comments help a lot, because I learn from other people's questions/answers, and they lead me to further reading on the subject.

But there's just so damned much...
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Don't get me wrong, I prefer Google Maps and/or Waze. But you never know when you're going to hit a dead zone. T-Mobile has lots.

The point is that you can download the maps ahead of time and use them offline. So even if you hit a dead zone, GPS is still functioning and GMaps will switch to the offline map to continue navigation.