How To Change Your Fuel Filter (lots of pics)

The part I cut was part of the old filter. Cutting them allows you to lift them up to see better to get the two picks (or little screwdrivers) in there to disconnect them.

Re-attaching the fuel lines takes two seconds,... They just slide on until the click and they're locked.
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It isnt a hard job at all. Took a few minutes

You're from Florida,... so I assume your screw heads didn't look like mine ??? If your screws come out easily and can be reused then you could easily be finished this job within an hour or less.
Great to know, always baffled by the claim of a fuel filter that lasts forever. I put in a Walbro many moons ago and replaced the screws so it "should" come out nicely. Will order these parts ASAP!
Got the parts today and popped it in after work, I thank you again. My tip is to use large zip tie cut in half to open the high pressure fuel fittings. Just use a cut end and slide them in to pop the clips. I had replaced my Phillips screws with hex socket screws many years ago so it came apart nice and easy. I replaced the screen and rubber seal since they were cheap and seemed logical. Can't imagine the seal was necessary though.
It's a good write up and very convincing for me not to attempt this. LOL. I dont want to have a car on fire because I F'ed something up.
If your car isn't all rusty, (like mine was) then you could have this job done in less than an hour.

If you do it outside with the car doors open and you really can't smell any gas,... then you're really quite safe.
****, guess I might as well do it ...after I replace my front wheel bearings and find the vacuum leak.
most cars from 2000 up do not have in line filters that are replaceable. usually the built in ones on the pump housing will last the lifetime of the pump. but that may or may not be the lifetime of your car
Did mine sunday, took about an hour...could've been less but the "quick release" fuel lines were kicking my butt for 10 minutes or so. I've done similar fuel filters on other vehicles and this one was relatively easy compared to them.
,... usually the built in ones on the pump housing will last the lifetime of the pump. but that may or may not be the lifetime of your car

I'm pretty sure if your filter is getting plugged up, it strains the hell out of your fuel pump,... it may very well run non-stop with all kinds of back pressure trying to push gas through a clog.
I just wanted to add to this thread that using a proper JIS screwdriver would have saved me all kinds of time and headache.

I didn't know about the JIS screwdriver at the time I made this thread.

The pictures that I posted have come and gone a few times since 2013.
Most of them are currently viewable.
Great thread with pictures PCB!! ...dammit.

Now I gotta add that to the list for the son's P5 while I'm waiting on crap parts sent back and returning from eBay.

Who knows what that fuel filter looks like after 18 years of High Fructose Corn Oil Syrup...
Thanks tj.

Replacing the fuel filter is a lot cheaper than waiting for it to fail, and having to replace the entire fuel sending unit...


It's about $25 US.

The entire fuel sending unit is a lot more money...