Help! My CX-9 won’t start

I'd be surprised if you washed down the cylinders enough to prevent it from starting.
At least I'm interpreting it as the cylinders were washed of oil and now the rings don't seal because of excess wear.

Just to be clear, it cranks over strong, just doesn't want to start, correct?
If so, have you tried sensor safe starting fluid as mentioned?
Thanks for help , yes it cranks perfectly ,it feels like it wants to start but doesn’t ,I kind of tried the starter fluid but lame attempt so will give another shot .the other thing is when I took manifold off it is advised to replace the rubber gasket but original looked good so didn’t ,maybe sucking air . Will get it going just need some quality time .Beam me up Scotty:eek::alien: Take care ,have good evening.
spoke to a mechanic he thinking that throttle needs to relearn possibly or whatever it called reprogram because I had messed with it ,does anyone know how to do this or where I could get info ,Thanks
the car is home ,shes happy to be back with friends . the aliens (steelership)👽replaced the control arms ,links,because of recall 🤑👽, the only thing I can think is the throttle ,or something is out of wack with throttle system ,the only other thing is when I took of the intake (plenium )manifold of and I didn't do the bolt sequence procedure ,torgue them down or replace gasket .They🧟‍♂️🧛‍♀️👽👾🧟‍♂️ gave me a list of things ,they said that airbags , lower control arm , stablilizer bar links and hardware ,they were done because of recall .They jump started but could not start engine was struggling , and they could audibly hear lack of compression, it has an internal engine fault,Vehicle is going to require heavy diagnostic and/or engine replacement and that may exceed current market value..There was a 300.00 diagnostic fee that was not charged and probably not performed.Have to talk to Spock and see if this is all logical .
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Found this , I’m want to try this (procedure shown at end )but my air conditioner is not working :unsure: ,guess I have some work to do
The situation now is car won’t turn over ,not sure what the garage did but now turn the key and nothing ,not sure what to do .
I'm no expert but when I did the spark plugs I didn't have to reprogram my throttle body after taking it off. I didn't see any mention of that in the manual either. I also read a lot and watched a lot of videos before doing the job and didn't see anyone else needing to do any reprogramming.
Battery is ok, when car was towed the driver was playing with shifter to manually put car in neutral without key so have to see if he messed something up ,thanks
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Need help with starting ,when I turn key the car seems dead the starter does not turn at all now after it being at the garage , tow truck driver fiddled with the gear shift lever to get it out of drive into neutral so he can tow it . Would anything in the gear shift prevent it from engaging the starter . Also is there a fuse for the starter somewhere or where would it be inside or outside of car .Thanks
That is not impossible. There is some logic in the gear shift lever to prevent you from starting the car if the shifter is not in park (for example you cannot start the car while it is in drive). So if he messed something up and the car doesn’t know it is in Park the it might not start. Unfortunately i don’t know the car enough to be of any more help.
Thank you Youri, every little bit counts, wonder if I can jump the starter to see if it at least turns over , anyone know if I can put power to the starter directly
If it's a shifter problem try starting when in neutral as well and see if that works. If it does, it's the switch in the shifter.

To jump the starter you would need to find the starter relay in the fuse box and jump it. They make relay test tools that allow you to do that, or you can use jumper wires. You would need to find the hot input and the signal wire to the solenoid on the starter and jump those two. A wiring diagram would be helpful for that but testing with a test light can also help determine which of the 4 connections is which. Youtube is your friend for that one. You could also apply voltage to the activation wire on the starter solenoid and see if it kicks in.
Thank you Rowlands57, will try to jump starter with relay ,found the fuse box theres two boxes under hood right next to each other ,its the one on the right facing the engine . Just have to find out how to jump it with a wire jumper .
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I think I have found the correct relay for the starter but not sure which pins to jump once I pull the relay ,I saw someone on youtube do it with another car but his relay was somewhat different than the one that is in the CX9. I f anyone can help me it would be wonderful . Meantime will try to research myself guess I need a wiring diagram .I have the manual someone here referred me too,will have to looky see if its there.Saga continues.have Good New Year folks