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Whats up everyone? Since I totalled my MSP i have allot of stock parts to give away. If anyone is interested let me know. If not im going to take this stuff to the dump. I have the stock cats, airbox etc.. Let me know. Just want to help anyone that I could that needs it.


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Key word fellas free STOCK parts.
he flipped the car, it was totalled SO IT IS BYE BYE(NO LONGER HAS) and this is wat he has left....from removing to put aftermarket parts on which are still in the car who knows where...

So all he has is STOCK PARTS
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if you are able to get to the car is see that you flipped it, but there are interior peices i would like, so if you can let me know,
Im looking for.
Gauge Needles
Bezel that goes around the guages
the plastic piece that goes around the e-brake

Thanks and sorry to hear about you car, good to hear that you are ok though.


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Do you still have the upper intercooler piping? The one that has the nipple that attaches to the bov?


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I'm not going to lock this because the guy is giving the stuff away ..

.. BUT I'm keeping an eye on it, and the second prices are discussed, pics will need to appear or the thread will be closed.


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Also call dibs on oil pan, oil and coolant lines, and radiator with brackets., and both fans.
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