ECM and other software module updates (2018 CX-5 GT)

Hi Everyone,

Bought a 2018 CX5 GT recently and with the generous help of the forum member, @ASH8 , I've successfully updated the Mazda connect firmware to the latest version.

Now, I'm wondering if there is any other software modules like ECM which can be updated/upgraded like ECM.

Prefer a DYI approach like the Mazda connect firmware update, but if it needs specialty tools, don't mind getting them to a dealer to get them upgraded.

Could any of the informed forum members please let me know what are the modules that could be/needs to be updated to the latest version?

Thanks in Advance!!

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and it needs specialty tools :)
for the 2018 there are a few versions that are newer than what came with the car at 2018z
unless it has been updated by previous owner or a dealer.
Did anyone updated these modules for their CX5?

If yes, could you please let me know the approximate cost of doing this?

There is no fixed cost. Depends on the dealer pricing per hour. but rough guess would be $150-180 if they agree to do it.