DRSS Issue? (Distance Recognition Support System)

It is listed on Mazda's website as a safety feature and it is listed on the sticker for your car under safety and security. There is also a section on it in the owners manual which states it is supposed to show up on the active display. Like wingchop, my 2018 shows it in the active display but not on the dash board. My 2021 does not show it on the active display but does show it on the dashboard. According to the dealership, it is a software glitch that is supposed to be fix shortly. They said a bunch of people in CX-5's and CX-9's have been asking about it.
Hi everyone, for any that are still following this thread, I reached out to Corporate and was told the feature was removed for model year 21 due to too many customer complaints because the amber symbol made it look like there was something wrong with the car. I find this hard to swallow considering that anyone who was bothered by it could easily go into the settings and turn it off but that's the Corporate line. I'm hoping that for whatever model year the 6 comes back as a rear-wheel drive (23, 24) Mazda will see fit to restore this safety feature. The dealership who sold me the car is monitoring this thread so please keep your complaints coming if this issue bothers you!
Hi There,
Was doing a search on the forum, having the same issue on a 2021 CX-5. In the manual it says that drss warning should appear on the active display but I don't see anything. Same for smart break support. Any new info on resolution would be appreciated.