After market TPMS sensor compatibility?

CX-5 AWD, 2017
winter is soon here and I am looking for a winter tire set up with TPMS for my 2017 CX-5. I have two choices. to go with.
(1) Mazda dealer supplied winter tire (not nordic compound but winter tyre from Nokian) with original aluminium rim and sensors for a hefty price of 1500Euros or
(2) after market aluminum rim and after market TPMS and a very good winter tire from Nokian (nordic compound) for 1100 Euro.

I would prefer the second set up in terms of quality of the tire and the cost but the non original TPMS worries me. Does any one know if they work without too much hassle in these cars? For some of you who are not used to our classification of winter tires just to make my question clear, the classification that we use here are,
Studded winter tires for extreme ice and snow..
Friction winter tires with nordic soft rubber compound (for better ice and snow grip)
Friction winter tire with non nordic rubber compound (for occasional snow and ice but mostly slush and bare road surface winter driving).
All season tyres.
Summer tires.


2016 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD w/Tech Pkg
Plano, Texas, USA
If I were you I would try to mount one aftermarket winter tires and see if it would trigger the TPMS warning light after the TPMS system reset. Or to be save, buy a set of OEM TPMS tire pressure sensors and install them in aftermarket wheels with winter tires you prefer. OEM TPMS tire pressure sensor is very expensive in the US but it's only half of the price in UK!

Part No.: BHA4-37-140 List $91.74 Each!

Tire Pressure Sensor for 2017 CX-5 - $91.74 EACH!!!


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I didn't even know that you can have aftermarket TPMS. I thought it was factory installed and you had to stick with it.