Guide 2nd Generation CX-9: Dashcam installation

I blame watching a few of the "Idiots in Cars" series on youtube for becoming interested in a dash cam. Not for capturing the hijinx of motorists, but for the flip side in protecting myself against a false claim. People really love running red lights, etc. in the Phoenix area. There was a "lightning deal" today on Amazon for the Viofo A129 Pro Duo for $188 and I couldn't say no. I'd spent a lot of time researching cameras and had considered the Fitcamx, and the U1000

I have a '21 CX5 Touring, and later had the dealer add the frame less mirror (0000-8C-R06). My wire colors just don't match up to what's been described in this thread (and others). I wound up ordering both Dongars, the all black connector and the white variant. The black didn't fit in my factory connectors but the white one did.

The Dongar didn't pass power to my Homelink mirror. I found this video which taught me how to remove connector pins from the Dongar: How to remove pins from the connector Mazda 3 BM At :50 is the Type 1 connector (the female one) and at 14:52 is the Type 1 connector (the male).

I was able to use a SIM card removal tool to remove all the pins I needed to from the male connector (the easier of the two to work with). For the female connector I had to go you know where and order a Terminal Removal Tool Kit Depinning Tool. I was able to remove all the female connectors. I rewired the Dongar to at least make my Homelink mirror work.

I mapped out the wires in the three wire factory connector with blue being constant, and red being switched. I could not get the camera to power with either constant or switched power. I then reversed the wires on the USB connector itself but still no joy. I'm giving up on this Dongar, but at least I learned something new.

For those in my situation my CX5 female connector has only a black, red, and blue wire in it, the male has six wires: brown, purple, green, black, blue, and a black with red stripe.



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