2022 CX-9 Rear speakers virtually no volume

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A couple of points:

You seem to believe that it's impossible to have a good stereo in a car because of the numerous hurdles that have to be overcome. This is simply untrue. Everything, literally everything you mentioned, the speaker placement, the noise floor, the materials that the car is made out of, all of that can and has been dealt with. Fact is, because the car audio community has been dealing with these challenges this for literal decades now, the fixes have become fairly trivial.

And as far as having control and fading to the rear in a high end stereo? That's generally impossible, simply because the best car stereos don't even have rear speakers! There's nothing back there to fade to! But yes, we absolutely do have full control over our stereos, and it's done with a laptop over hours and even days of tuning it. And once it's dialed in, no we don't go messing with it hurkey jerky, screwing up all of the work we just poured into it. After it's dialed in, the only adjustment that is made is with the volume knob!

For the kids in the back of my car, they wear headphones, because I don't want to hear SpongeBob for the 9 Trillionth time anyway.
I think the low volume is a product of Bose's "psychoacoustics" marketing. Their equalization has always been unusual and biased toward what sounds pleasant to most people rather than flat frequency response.

In the old days, the rear speakers on "high end" car stereos were intended to try to override the road noise coming from the back of the car rather than really add to the overall accuracy of sound reproduction.

I'm surprised these stereos don't have a setting to pick how many people are in the car. From the descriptions in this thread, the stereo in the 2022's appears to be set up as if only the driver is in the car. Other makes I'm familiar with have a setting to change the equalization for situations where the car is full of people rather than just the driver.

My 2022 GS-L (Similar to Touring I think?) is a non-Bose/base model stereo, and has the same characteristic.

It does have a setting to change between "driver" focused vs "all" seat positions. Rear speakers still barely amplified in either.

It sounds plenty good for what it is. I'd like to compare the two systems though!
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You seem to believe that it's impossible to have a good stereo in a car because of the numerous hurdles that have to be overcome.
I don't know how many times I can beat this drum, It's not about sound quality, but it is about sound control.

I certainly do not believe that you can't have good sound from mobile audio. I even know what good sound in car audio is like. I used to have Kenwood Excelon, Precision Power amps and MB Quart speakers in my B-series. It wasn't competition quality, but I would argue that it was better than any audio upgrade from the factory.

Can you imagine being the salesperson who gets to deal with the guy who just test drove a new Mazda, and noticed you didn't have hardly any control of the volume for the back seat.

Salesperson: So, how did the test drive go:
Customer: Drives great, love the styling, but what's the deal with the audio? Why can't you turn the volume up in the back?
Salesperson: Oh, that's a feature.
Customer: A feature????
Salesperson: Yes, it allows you to close your eyes and imagine that you are actually at the music venue listening to the band.
Customer: you want me to close my eyes and imagine I'm at a music venue while I'm driving?
Salesperson: no, of course not. but this sound system makes it more like you are actually at the music venue.
Customer: But only the front seat passengers.
Salesperson: 🤨
Customer: Where in the venue are the back seat passengers? Are they out at the concession stands or maybe in the restrooms?
Salesperson: :confused:
Customer: Can I turn that feature off?
Salesperson: I'm sorry, that is not something you can turn off.
Customer: OK, Thank you for your time, I think I will go test drive a Telluride or an MDX and see if I can get one of those without that feature.

If you are someone who really wants that High End Car audio system, there will always be shops that will be willing to sell you the gear, do the installation and program it with a laptop. For the vast majority of the rest of us, give us good quality sound, and the ability to control it where anyone in the car, or at least the first two rows, can enjoy it at the volume level they want.

I don't think this has anything to do with Mazda trying to program in the best sound imaging as possible, or anything to do with Bose. As I stated at the beginning and others have said, it happens on the non Bose systems too. If I had to guess, who ever Mazda hired to do the programming for the already troubled infotainment system, had trouble integrating multiple audio sources at the same time (music, being interrupted by navigation directions). And this is what we ended up with.
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