So I have a 2012 mazda5 grand touring. And when I turn the key everything turns but the engine doesn't kick on. I don't know what it could be....
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It sounds like a crank no start condition. Just to confirm: Does the starter crank the engine?
Do you know how to check for spark when the engine is cranking?
I’m sorry this is happening to you. This always happens at the worst time possible. When these kinds of questions are asked it seems like there’s a desire for a specific answer. The problem is you have to be able to test and find what you are missing - spark, fuel, compression or timing is keeping your engine from starting. If you can’t do this testing then the best advice is to get help from a competent shop.


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In my experience, its either a sign of a weak battery or a malfunction with the starter. Take the battery to an auto parts store to have them check it. If the battery is still strong, I advise you reinstall the battery and then focus on the starter. You can try jabbing at the starter with a long thin pipe while someone is cranking the engine or forget that and just get the starter replaced.
92 MX-3; 18 CX-5
Guys: you might be right. It might need a battery, but it is so easy to test before buying new parts. After all a battery is >$100 and a starter even more. If after all of that you found it was actually bad connections or bad cables that would be a waste.
Confirm: When turning the key you hear a click but the engine does not turn over - or turns over very slowly and gives up before starting.
If it is the battery you should be able to start the car with a jump from another car or a jump pack. If you can jump start the car then I would test and possibly replace the battery. A quick battery test without running to the parts store for a load tester: Car not running and key off use your voltmeter and check across the battery terminals. At rest the battery should have >= 12.5V. If not you really have to charge the battery before testing with a load. This could mean you need a new battery, but there could be another reason the battery is not fully charged. After the battery has been charged: Key to start position measure voltage across the battery terminals. If the battery voltage drops below 11V I would condemn the battery. Hopefully during this test the starter is cranking the engine - even if it is cranking too slow to start. If your battery passes these tests and your car is still not starting you need to do some voltage drop testing to isolate the bad component. It could be the starter, but could also be cables or connections.


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Just to confirm, it is trying to turn over when you crank? Not just a click and the lights turn off? If the prior I agree with everyone else.... double check that the battery is good, jump start if needed, or if you have a second car you can take the battery out and take it to an auto parts store to have it tested. If the latter and it isn’t cranking at all try starting it in neutral instead of park. The micro switches which tell it the Park gear position sometimes crap out.
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So when we turn the key it wants to turn over but doesn't. How could I check those? And I know its not the spark plugs.
Sounds like a weak battery issue. Is it on the original battery from 2012? Either way, if everything turns on but the engine is "clicking" then that's usually just a weak battery. Advance Auto will test the battery for you for free and even charge it over night for you for free.. but even then you'll probably need to go and get a brand new battery for it.
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If you live in snow belt, check the ground wire from the battery to the starter and the engine. You are looking for rusted connections. Try jump start the car in case the battery is running low. If the issue remains, the starter may be going.

Has the car been sitting and haven't been driven for a while (parasitic power draw that caused the battery to drain).