Best car starter?

-- 2016 CX5 GS
Yeah I wish it was like that in Canada though ...

Our fees are usually $5 a month, for either 1 or 3 year service,
and 3G is getting shut down March 31st, 2021 around here ...

UPDATE: I just ordered EVO-ONE-942, FLASHLINK, THAR-ONE-MAZ3 from ebay, total was about 320 USD shipped to Canada.
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-- 2016 CX5 GS
Alright, I installed the EVO ONE with 942 RF remotes ... seems to work.

I didn’t do the hood pin, and picked that my car has an OEM Alarm,
as I tried to open it from outside through a rolled down window,
and it sounded the horn ... even before the EVO install.

I used the Flaslink Manager to program it, just went through the wizard,
does that also update the firmware on the unit and also programs it ?

Didn’t change any custom options, even though I didn’t install
either the hood pin, or the valet switch. Hope that’s ok :)
Does the Fortin Evo One play nice with the 2021's that have the connected services remote start? I would assume so but figured it was worth confirming.