Best car starter?

-- 2016 CX5 GS
There is no alarm and no hood sensor. You don't need to install one for the Evo to work. The Evo also has a built in alarm which you can enable if desired when programming. As for the RF kit, you can easily add that and program the Evo for it before installing. The process is simple and easy to install. You can be done in less than an hour including securing all wires and hiding module.

Ok that's good to know, although the stock alarm isn't a must, the starter can add one, so that's good.

The hood sensor on the other hand is a safety feature though, so the car can't start while someone is working on something under the hood :)

As far as I could tell from the manual, you open up the cover around steering column and disconnect 2 wires, routing them to the harness. Then the harness cable goes all the way behind the glove compartment and that's where the starter module is located. However where exactly do you have to mount the RF kit, somewhere on the windshield or around the starter module ?

The programming part I'm not worried about, it looks easy enough, it's the cable routing and putting components in the right place :)

2019 CX-5 GTR
... However where exactly do you have to mount the RF kit, somewhere on the windshield or around the starter module ?


I think most people mount it (RF antenna) either under the trim of the driver side A pillar (hidden) or very near the top of the windshield passenger side (not under the headliner) - the thought being yeah the antenna is exposed but the driver really cant see it under normal operations - let the passenger ignore it. :)
Route the harness from the steering column to the left and down to the kick panel, following the factory wiring and zip tie things as you go along, with the starter module residing up against the firewall down low and zip tied to factory harness. Shortest, easiest clean install with easy access to module should you need or want to get to it for any reason. You can mount the RF antenna there too or route up to driver side windshield and mount on dash next to A pillar.
-- 2016 CX5 GS
Ok perfect, thanks for the suggestions!

I would like the RF antenna hidden so that's probably how I will do it,
there might be some range decrease but I guess FM 433 MHz can penetrate things fairly well ...

Sounds like the kit I want is EVO-ONE-442, with THAR-ONE-MAZ3, plus a FLASHLINK :)
-- 2016 CX5 GS
This got me thinking, I can get EVO-ONE with the harness for much cheaper without RF remotes ...

Is there a good 5G? module that can be used instead of RF, that doesn't have super high monthly fees?

I'm guessing products such as DR-3400 will quit working when 3G is shut off ?
-- 2016 CX5 GS
Yeah I wish it was like that in Canada though ...

Our fees are usually $5 a month, for either 1 or 3 year service,
and 3G is getting shut down March 31st, 2021 around here ...

UPDATE: I just ordered EVO-ONE-942, FLASHLINK, THAR-ONE-MAZ3 from ebay, total was about 320 USD shipped to Canada.
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-- 2016 CX5 GS
Alright, I installed the EVO ONE with 942 RF remotes ... seems to work.

I didn’t do the hood pin, and picked that my car has an OEM Alarm,
as I tried to open it from outside through a rolled down window,
and it sounded the horn ... even before the EVO install.

I used the Flaslink Manager to program it, just went through the wizard,
does that also update the firmware on the unit and also programs it ?

Didn’t change any custom options, even though I didn’t install
either the hood pin, or the valet switch. Hope that’s ok :)
Does the Fortin Evo One play nice with the 2021's that have the connected services remote start? I would assume so but figured it was worth confirming.