Wtb: Cobb ap v2


07 mazdaspeed 3
idk bro .... i have herd of ms6 and ms3 (all modles) you can do that but idk about diff car brands if you can do it or not.


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^^^ Yep, I could have added so other adjectives but it is Thursday and life is good....

Product Code: AP-SUB-003 - For one of the Subies

Product Code: AP-MAZ-002 - For my '10 GENPU

Not sure if COBB can change it over, but just having COBB unmarry an AP is costly.

Maps are maps and actually have very little to do with the AP except the AP is the interface device to upload/change the ECU map. The AP is a monitoring / logging device for your speed. Logs are transferred to PC / Mac for review, from here the ATR software (Windows only) is used to modify the a map based on the log trends. Map is saved and transferred to AP then flashed to the ECU. That is about it.

There are several suggested readings for the task, these can be found at MSF and they just get blocked here.
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I am also positive that the Scoobie AP will not port over and vice versa. Just bought a 2012 WRX, and I can't port my AP over from the Mazdaspeed... Which is the reason why I'm selling my Mazdaspeed AP for $475 OBO shipped. Feel free to PM me if you're still need an AP... I also have a CS TMIC for sale as well.