Touchscreen Phantom (2020 CX-5)

I have a 2020 CX5 and have issues with the infotainment system to freaking out and making random selections and changes all on its own. Today I narrowed it down to the touch interface since it only happens when stopped. Has anyone else had issues like this? I’ve cleaned the screen carefully but it’s still acting like someone is pressing all over the screen.
Search this forum. Posts about ghost infotainment or something similar.

I think there was a TSB for the problem but probably won't help you since you're out of warranty.
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My '14 Mazda3 also got the ext warranty from Mazda on the display (random/ghost touch).
I found a software disable at Mazda Tweaks and I'm gonna try that first. I used Mazda Tweaks to enable touch while moving, so the random operations are frustrating. It has even called random people.

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