Start-X Remote start review

2019 CX-9 GT
Installed Start-X remote start from Amazon 2 weeks ago. It's been really great. There's videos on YouTube on how to ok install.

2019 CX-9 GT

The reason I picked this is because programing was easy and drive off was just press brake pedal and put in gear.

For programing, it's as simple as press to on and it starts auto programing. And that's it.

I put the module by the fuse panel by the foot rest on the floor. Fed the wires thru there. Very easy to do and access if needed. I didn't fasten it down. Just jammed it between body and plastic panel there.

You press lock 3 times to start or stop. It will unfold Mirrors and start but remain locked. Just unlock when you get in.

Once remote started, radio doesn't start until you get in and press brake pedal.
When you press brake pedal, the electronics do a restart. Engine doesn't turn off, but air Turns off and starts back up immediately. Not a big issue.
Tpms light flashes until you press brake pedal after remote start. Not a big deal.
After remote start, remote can unlock the car but trunk doesn't open with remote. Works with trunk button. I need to test this more.

It's $180 it's well worth it especially in cold or hot places.

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Great review!

I have self installed the fortin evo one and it works in a similar fashion, but the electronic doesn’t restart when you get in. With the Fortin, when you get in after remote start, you press the start-button once and then drive off as usual, electronic does not shut down. Hitting the brake without pressing the start button first however will shut down the engine and everything else.

The rear hatch behaviour is the same. You cannot use the remote to open the rear hatch when the engine is remote started, the car must be designed that way.

I have set my remote start combination to lock-unlock-lock. This prevents the car from honking when remote starting.
2019 CX-9 GT
Yea looks very similar for fortin but slightly different functionality. That seems good that it doesn't kill electronics when you get in. Yeah hatch seems to be car safety feature I guess so you don't accidentally hit it while in the car. Donno.

Good idea on lock unlock lock.