Start-X Remote start review (2019 CX-9 GT)

Got it, iData start 6,000 foot 2 way remote start from Best Buy.

If still on sale, I will probably get it for 2 different vehicles 😀

Good thing about Best Buy doing the install, is that if either vehicle is sold, that remote start is coming out and with me to the next vehicle. $50 is a bargain, and no way I would get it going as quick.


Hopefully you get a good installer! I have a friend who installs 2-way remote starts on the side, and he often posts pictures of the horrible install jobs he's had to fix from various installers around the city. I only have one experience with a big box shop installation, and it was to wire in and tune a LOC and a subwoofer to the existing factory system in my 2008 Lexus IS250 (no factory sub). The first installer must have done something wrong because the sub didn't sound as good as I hoped it would, so I brought it back the following week and a different installer happened to be there. That installer got everything dialed in correctly and sounding 5x better.