Replacement Keyless Key? 2013 CX-5

Recently got a 2013 CX-5. It came with two key fob remotes. The car has a pushbutton switch to turn the car on and off. I suppose it works with an rfib chip.

Even more recently I misplaced one of the fobs. It isn't in the car as the car won't start.

I'll keep looking for where I might have misplaced or dropped it. I've also been looking into replacements

Sounds like you can buy them, but then you need to take them to a dealer or locksmith to reprogram them and that they charge a lot. I see there are also OBD key programmers. Some a pretty high priced, others are quite cheap.

If there is an OBD programmer that also works with the newer OBDII scanners that has other functions like changing settings that also does the keys. It seems like if there are any that aren't too costly I might be better off buying one and then even if I don't need to make another key, I might be able to change some settings along with read trouble codes, etc. Maybe those are two separate things though.

I also see the the keyless remotes also have a mating key in them. I've read these keys need to be cut as well. So that is locksmith/dealer territory.

Anyone know what is involved in this?
It is an involved locksmith process if you only have one fob. If you have 2 fobs, you can program a 3rd one by yourself (procedure in the owner's manual) and just have the emergency key cut at a hardware store. So when I lost one of my fobs (2014 CX-5), I bought 2 replacements online and had the locksmith program them and cut the emergency key blanks. It was a while ago, but I recall it being in the neighborhood of $200 for the locksmith and $170 for the 2 replacement fobs. Hope that helps and I really hope you find your missing fob!
Thanks for the reply. I found the fob, fortunately. I got one tile tracker when I only had the one fob. Figure it might help find it should it get misplaced. Will get another one for the found one too.

I did more looking around. There was a place that sold a fob and a programmer sort of cheap & if I gave them the VIN or some other number they would cut a key & send it. The cost for both the fob was a lot higher though. The key was way more than the fob.

I contacted a local locksmith & got a price. It was high, but lower than that.

Now that I have two fobs and based on what you mentioned making a third looks like it might be a good idea.

At the moment I have plenty of other things to deal with though.

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