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P0660 P2009 P0171 Protege5 Codes

I bought 3 solenoids wothout the metal, somi replaces the green and white. is the black connector plastic or metal solenoid?

The black connector one is a Vapor Canister Purge Valve and I believe that corrected my CEL Code P0455.

It is a different part than the other 3 solenoids (VCTS-VICS-PRC) and it is mounted on top the intake air tube that goes to the throttle body.

The aftermarket one has two plastic ports mounted next to each other compared to the OEM one with a different port configuration.

My original one threw the CEL Code and when I unplugged one of the hoses from the plastic port, I found the plastic port was broken inside the hose end.

This one (snapshot below) also has 2 plastic ports but the-side-by side port configuration may be less likely to be damaged when working in that area.
Amazon - Vapor Canister Purge Valve.jpg

The other 3 (VCTS-VICS-PRC) are the same part but in our P5s, the PRC is just installed with a different orientation and filter configuration.

P5 Solenoids VCTS-VICS-PRC - Amazon.jpg
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The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
That one's different.
There is a lot of confusion..

Apparently, these are the same valves. Lol


I suppose that it's possible to use the economy version in place of the real version, but it would take a lot of retrofitting.

EDIT: No wait !!

The purge control valve has gasoline vapor going through it.

If you send gas vapor through a retrofitted valve, you might blow something up. Lol
(gas vapor and a spark).

There is no gasoline vapor going through the PRC solenoid valve. (unless your car is really messed up like it has no intake or something. Lol)
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The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
One more thing of note.

When I removed my failed PRC solenoid valve, I decided to test it as per the instructions in the service manual...


I wired the terminals of the connector directly to my battery and the solenoid clicked.
(I could hear and feel it working)

So I did it again and it clicked.
Then a third time.
It clicked!!??? WTF?? It's working!!

So I tried to click it really fast about a dozen times, then it stopped clicking.
It was stuck.

Be aware of intermittent issues.
Things don't always work on the car that work on the bench.

(OK, so I may have spent 20 minutes working on my solenoid. It spent 10 minutes on the bench. Lol)