P0455 - fire up the parts cannon! (2012 Mazda5 6MT)

2012 Mazda5 Sport 6MT
Well, probably not.

I changed two items this week based on searches here and various videos - the gas cap and purge solenoid valve in the back center of the car. In the past I was guilty of topping off my tank, and it was said that this was a common reason for this solenoid to fail. I haven’t seen this error in several weeks, but then again I wasn’t driving much recently due to breaking a rear strut mount stud. The suspension has been repaired so I’ve been driving more and now the damn CEL light is back, right on cue.

Where should I look next? I understand that there’s a valve/solenoid/actuator in the engine compartment that could be the problem. Have any of you found out was causes a P0455?

Under the hood is the purge solenoid valve. Pull it off and blow through it. Then apply 12V to it and do it again.

I can't remember which is which, but one way you should be able to blow through it no problem, and the other way it should be completely sealed.

If you can blow through it both with and without power, then the valve has failed, and it needs to be replaced. If you can't blow through it, it's fine and you have a leak somewhere else. You'll need to do a smoke test to find the leak.
Also, there's a TSB in regards to the evap system, number 01-019/12


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You didn't mention it, so I'll ask if you checked to see if the code is still P0455.
I did check and verified that it is still P0455. I have a little gauge thingy mounted above the mirror, bought mostly because I miss having a temperature gauge, and can use it to check and clear CELs on the fly.
I had the exact same issue in summer 2020. Car did not move enough during lockdown and it was the Evap solenoid near fuel tank that seized with rust. It would move a tiny bit, but never fully closed like it should. You'd be able to blow through it while it was supposed to be sealed.

Trick I've found to save some cash while chasing these issues: Instead of throwing $$$ at brand new parts, I go in a pick n' pull yard and grab the usual suspects for next to nothing.
Grabbed both solenoids and a fuel cap for under 25$

Then you can start swapping parts around, after you bench tested them with a 12V source.

Look for the solenoid I'm talking about right in the middle of the car, under this plate.

I kind of have to laugh when I see this 0455 code discussion.
My old 2002 Pathfinder had that code for close to ten years, and I could never get rid of it.
As it turns out, this code doesn't actually affect the way the car runs, and will do no harm if left alone. My Nissan tech even told me to just ignore it, as it would cost too much to troubleshoot and fix it. That's what I did....nothing. Ran fine the whole time.
Good luck though.
An evap code will have no impact on drivability. However, you will not be able to ignore it in states where emissions testing is required. For some cars, it also turns off ABS and Trac Control until it is fixed.
An evap code will have no impact on drive-ability. However, you will not be able to ignore it in states where emissions testing is required. For some cars, it also turns off ABS and Trac Control until it is fixed.
True that re: emissions testing. Fortunately here in Ontario, they eliminated the emissions testing for licence sticker renewals. Prior to that, I used my scanner to clear the codes before I had it tested. It usually ran long enough before the evap code came back that it would pass the test. Basically, I cheated.
As for ABS, the P0455 didn't affect anything in the Pathfinder. Maybe on newer vehicles it does, but I had no such issues. The Pathfinder also didn't have traction control. It wasn't that sophisticated..lol. It was just a good old solid truck that got me 19 years of use. I loved that thing.
On my 2002 4Runner, an Evap Code will turn off the Traction control. It is surmised that TOYOTA felt that anything remotely wrong with the computer it was safer to disable it.

So actually it is probably newer cars that differentiate better between a code that could affect ABS/TracControl and know whether to shut those systems off.