Major Mazdaspeed3 Clutch issues…Help!

2010 mazdaspeed 3.
I get in my car no clutch stays on floor.
Oh well. I order a 1500 dollar clutch from Southbend stage 3.
Mechanic puts it in. Tells me my old clutch wasn't bad.
I get in the car and my clutch engagement is like an inch off the floor. Cluch has no feel only when you get about 2 inches off the floor you feel anything.

Clutch was supposed to feel close to factory and I know it does bc I had this clutch put in an 08 mazdaspeed 3. But was done by a different mechanic.

Ok so I say f it and let another mechanic re do the job. They pulled it put it back together and same thing a little better but not much. so I drove like for 2 week and it went to the floor didn't come back.

It's been bleed every way you can think of. I have went to the mazda dealership and bought new master and slave more times then I want to admit.

For the 2 weeks i drove it I could hear a mild metal on metal sound. I figured maybe it was just how this clutch sounds. I know race clutches make sounds. But I don't remember a sound the first mazda I had it in.

I can build a little pressure but not enough for pedal to come up. And the pressure feels like it's bleeding off fast bc it loses the little bounce it had.

I replaced the slave to master line with a braided line. And checked feed lines and replaced the brake reserve bottle and cylinder just to see.
If I take the slave off I can move the fork (I think it's called the fork) i can move the fork maybe 2 inches back and forth. I can also push it up a good bit an inch or 2. Idk if that's normal.

Only reason I'm not pulling the trans is bc it's losing pressure. But im not an expert on this. I have looked everywhere for leaks and nothing.
If you think I need to remove the transmission do you think my clutch it ok?
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Oh one more thing just a note. Maybe nothing. The guy that put this same clutch in a different mazdaspeed3 that I had said he had to grind something off to make it fit right. That clutch was perfect. I asked both of the mechanics if they had to grind anything off both said no. It was many years ago but I believe I was told something had to be grinded. Maybe. Anyone ever put a southbend clutch in? Did you have to grind anything? I'm in this over 4k for clutch labor parts and have no clutch. This sucks.
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I just looked at the old clutch. And ya it's still a good clutch 1000 dollar act clutch. Nothing looks bent or hurt at all. So why did I lose my clutch in the first place? Bc it's going to be the same reason I lost the new clutch. What more can I replaced? I don't want to pull the transmission bc I feel like it's nothing to do with the clutch it's self. Plz someone tell me what do try.