Live 2019 Mazda 3 Reveal

Anyone else notice the updated commander knob and that surrounding area? Im guessing its not the fabled Mazda Connect 2 or they wouldve made a bigger deal about it. I cant find anything right now till they reveal some more info.

I think that was it. Everything is the same but with a new fresh coat of paint. It looks visually much better, although Im hearing that they disabled the touch screen completely.
Mazda 3 hatchback AWD could be a dream come true ...
I currently own a 3 and a CX-5. Was thinking of possibly downsizing (because cars are more fun to drive), replacing the CX-5 with a Subaru Impreza hatchback, but those things are slow and pedestrian.
Mazda 3 AWD will probably be a much nicer drive.

On the downside, we have the 2L in the 3, which make more economical sense and is more than adequate in terms of power. I drove a 3 with the 2.5L, which is definitely nice but not necessary, and I rather pay less for the car and at the pump.
In addition, the torsion beam suspension sounds like Mazda gave in to easier packaging and saving money.

I wish the Activ-X will be available soon, so we could get 3rd year of that engine.