2018 CX-5 GT Transmission Replaced - High pitched whine

Figured it would be a good idea to document this on a forum in case others have the same issue.

We bought a 2018 CX-5 GT with about 35,000kms on the clock just under 11 months ago.

Right off the jump my wife told me that the car has a high pitched electronic-sounding whine on the highway. To tell you the truth I just told her not to worry about it, it’s a near brand new car with full warranty and extended warranty. My 2016 VW GTI also has a high pitched whine and it’s been to the dealer too many times without resolution.

Anyways, the symptoms were a high pitched electronic whine between 90kmh and 120h. With the windows up, air off and radio off you can hear it clear as day - Streamable Video and Streamable Video. I found this TSB - https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10155437-0001.pdf and checked the car into the dealership mentioning the symptoms and this TSB.

I don’t think anybody will be surprised to read the dealership told me nothing is wrong. They gave me some BS saying this TSB doesn’t exist and my car isn’t listed anyways (2018 CX5 GT is listed and my VIN is within the range). Called Mazda Canada and they gave me the Canadian TSB # as that was a US market number.

Long story short they argued with me saying there was no noise and that they’ve only replaced 2 transmissions in 5+ years there and it’s highly unlikely I have an issue. Blames tire noise and wind noise from the window visors, typical dealership bulls*** - imgur.com.

The car was due for a recall of the fuel pump so I asked them to take one more listen to the car once it’s in the shop for that recall. Asked them to put it to speed on a hoist and stethoscope the transmission. Low and behold they called me yesterday to confirm they now hear the noise and a new transmission has been ordered.

Great. I am happy. Just of course frustrated it always takes a massive argument with dealerships to get anything done. They’re so quick to dismiss any concerns you have and get you out the door. Not to mention needing a brand new transmission with only 44,000 KM on the clock is definitely discouraging, bought this car for a future family vehicle to keep for years.. oh well.. fingers crossed.

Hopefully this helps anybody diagnosing a high pitched whine noise.
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There is a TSB for a high-pitched noise in the AT. Was caused by a noisy bearing I seem to remember. Not sure about which years. Ed


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Yes I linked that in my post lol
Actually this's the 7th revision on the same TSB for the same transmission whining noise due to front input bearing failure. Each time the TSB says "This is caused by a damaged bearing in the transaxle due to improper configuration of the transaxle case. A modification has now been implemented on automatic transaxles with the following serial numbers:". I saw the same TSB back in 2015 when I made the decision to purchase my 2016 CX-5 new, I thought the problem has been fixed. Apparently it isn't after 6 tries by Mazda! :( I hope the 7th try in 2019 has truly fixed the problem, but not on my 2016 transmission.