I finally did it too!!

Engine bay is looking very nice Bruce....I like the yellow accents...something different.
So I haven't updated this in awhile. Finally moved in and settled for the most part. Starting to look for work.

Here is the final trip back with the last of the stuff. The rig was pretty easy to drive. But slowwwwww and a pig on gas. 8.6 MPG.

So this week I had 2 items to take care of. The 1st was getting the car undercoated. Checked around and found that Krown does a good job from other Miata owners in Canada.

They drill a few holes in the door area. They cleaned off the entire undercarriage and parts of the engine bay.


They use wands to access the drilled areas and tight to reach spots. They use a compound that is clean and environmentally friendly. Drippings can be cleaned up with any degreaser and don't stain over time.


The only issue so far was when they broke some rocker clips driving it off the hoist on the DS. But they were great about getting me to a body shop whuich removed the rocker panel and ordered new clips. Waiting for those to come.

Car smoked a little but not badly. Not much of a smell. They washed the car afterwards and said it would stop dripping after a day or 2. Not much in the way of drippings so far.

Had the car aligned to my autox specs. It took awhile and the battery was dead after the brake lights being on for so long. Jumped the car, and notcied the radio wasn't working. Took the car home and yesterday checked fuses but none were blown. Pulled the radio out and checked the radio fuse, it has it's own fuse. Not blown either. Checked the radio and it came on. Just needed a reboot I guess, electrically. Works fine, checked radio and gps.

Mia in her new resting place for now. Next up is to rebuild the RR coilover that has leaked. Damn Eibachs. No money to replace them.

COOL! if i was driving in the winter i'd have got the msm done too...should have done the p5??? not sure it would have helped? how much was it?
So over the past 3 days I replaced the MS coilovers with the KW V3's.


These are the rears assembled. They don't install the same way as the MS's. I needed the rubber boots and 2 of the stock rubber bushings. Luckily I still had the original shocks and hardware and scavenged those to finish the rears. Little cramped working in the garage but doable. Notice how the spring is like the stock one and not the MS.


The yellow ones are the front KW's. They have a resevoir which faces foward. The previous owner included the hats so they just went in. No issues installing either.

Adjusting is another matter. Much easier to adjust the MS's over the KW's. The MS's had 2 rings, where the KW's use a set screw. PITA but doable. Took me 3 tries to get it set the way I wanted, might do a fourth but Mary is complaining about measuring for today.

I had raised the KW's to the factory specs as they were too low from the previous owner. Even with raising them to the minimums I could not get out of the driveway without scraping the MS nose.

This is a pic before I raised it to my normal height.

Finally after corraling the dog, I took it for a spin. Huge difference. The car is sitting 1/2 inch lower and rides smoother and does not bottom out like the MS's would. Rebound is better controlled and the ride dampening is improved. Dying to try these at AutoX.
Need a longer yardstick for that.

Sick? I must be too old. Usless to me. front wheels are almost touching the inner fender. Oh well, she's back up now.
i said it "looks" sick....i realize you can't drive it like that...i love the low stance on a miata...so you like the new kw's??
i said it "looks" sick....i realize you can't drive it like that...i love the low stance on a miata...so you like the new kw's??

Huge improvement over the MS. Dampens better, over choppy road sections it holds better. Using the recommended dampner settings from KW, will try some adjustments but on the whole very nice. Only complaint is adjusting the ride height, HUGE PITA.