Hyundai Tucson turbo hesistation issue

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I know this is a CX-5 forum, but I know a lot of buyers cross shop other vehicles and thought I share this,
Went out to lunch yesterday and my co-worker offered to drive me in his 2016 Hyundai Tucson, we needed to merge quickly
And the Tucson hesitated for like 3 seconds but felt like an eternity and makes for a very dangerous situation.
I did a search on the Tucson turbo engine hesitation and the hesitation problem is well documented, just an FYI for those cross shopping….

I told my co-worker that's not normal and very dangerous in emergency situations, he concurred and basically said he screwed up and didn't do his due diligence but can't sell now, he'll get reamed.
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My girlfriends car is this exact model. Hyundai just did a "software update" a few months ago that helped, but did not fix the problem. There is still a bit of lag


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There's a thing called "turbo lag" ⋯


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Hyundai Tucson was on my shopping list. I researched it a lot. Look at its sales history last year - it was flying till June July - then all of a sudden went dead.
90% YOY up and ended the year barely better. Reasons?

Horrible DCT - this is a thread of Hyundai forums - the DCT just goes 2 mph, you floor it 2 mph that is it. Hyundai bought back few Tucsons due to this - the thread is over 200 pages.
Over heating of the DCT in stop n go traffic. Too many videos just google it - folks get this message "Pull off safely, transmission overheating".

Recently an owner said Hyundai fixed the problems in November. I was reading about these in august etc. and Hyundai dealers / sales man was like "never heard of it bro". The base engine was too weak and its a small car.

Still looks good. But inside its all Plastic toy soldier company. It has enough plastic to manufacture all made in china plastic products in Walmart store.
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So is it a tuning issue on the OEM tune? Or a case of the turbo not matched correctly with the engine? Well at least they offer owners 100,000 miles powertrain warranty. Sounds like they could use it.
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Good to learn of these issues.
However, looking at the complaint list, it seems people are just ignorant about what they drive, e.g. Tucson 4.0L, 1.8L, 1.7L. This does not give credence to the complaint. They already demonstrated they at least partially don't know what they are talking about ...
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My cx-5 auto also hesitates from start off especially, not like the manual car.

I overcome this by using manual 1st to start off, if fact i use the manual mode a lot this being my first auto ever, its a damn sight easy than the manual, but with a 3mpg fuel penalty.

I test drove the 182 auto Tucson back in 2013 and didn't notice any real issues, in fact i thought its handling was as good as the cx-5, but the government fuel figures were poor which put me off, and no discounts due to it being new.