Go with 1st or 2nd Gen Mazdaspeed3?

Hoping for some advice from the community. I'm looking to upgrade to a speed3 and am having a hard time choosing between a 1st and 2nd gen. I love the sleeper looks of the 1st gen but have heard good things about the 2nd as in more refined better electronics ride etc. I've found numerous examples of but in the 80k range for around 10-12K. Which would you buy and why?


Excellent question, @323 recently sold his MS3 and might have some advice as well as others...I really like the look of the first Gen, if I were looking, I would find a later example with low miles and in impeccable condition with full service history (maybe impossible lol but I would try).


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Same reason I went with the first gen. Always liked the first gens since they came out and favored the looks of it over the second. The second gen is suppose to have the VVT issue fixed but some high mileage first gen owners share theirs never gave them any issue.